Write a paper of 5-7 pages that outlines the major components of ethical considerations and principles that are present in this scenario.

You are the president of a Border General Hospital (BGH) that is located in Colorado. You have been asked to draft ethical guidelines and principles for the Border General Hospital’s next meeting of the Board of Directors. BGH is known in the area for having a progressive cancer treatment center, and as part of the center, BGH has a pharmacy that can dispense medication that is prescribed to patients of the cancer center. Many patients travel a great distance to seek treatment at Border General Hospital. Luther Johnson, a 65 year old pastor who lives in a nearby state, travels to BGH to seek treatment for prostate cancer. Johnson’s doctor, a physician at the cancer center, has prescribed a variety of drugs to treat Johnson, including marijuana, which is to be used for medicinal therapy purposes in conjunction with Johnson’s cancer treatment.

Write a paper of 5-7 pages that outlines the major components of ethical considerations and principles that are present in this scenario. Include the following:
– Examine the considerations that Border General should take into account when assessing the forms of therapy that are recommended for patients.
– Analyze relevant laws that should be considered by Border General when framing therapeutic guidelines for a health care institution relative to the use of medical marijuana or other substances that may be deemed illegal to possess, sell, or use by various jurisdictions.
– Differentiate various ethical dilemmas that patients might face regarding treatment that includes medical marijuana.
– Differentiate the ethical perspectives of health care organizations and doctors relative to the establishment of organizational-level guidelines to be used by doctors when assessing and planning patient care and for patients when making decisions regarding prescribed care.
– Examine the ultraliberal versus the ultraconservative ethics, and evaluate how they relate to this situation.
Formulate ethical guidelines that could be used by a hospital in assessing care recommendations and decisions.

The body of the resultant paper should be 5-7 pages, and it should include at least 5 relevant peer-reviewed academic or professional references that have been published within the past 5 years.

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Ethical and Legal Guidelines for Therapeutic Services
Border General Hospital must consider the ethical and legal aspects of encouraging the use of medical marijuana within the hospital. While such treatment may be helpful for patients in certain situations, it may not always be the best choice. For example, while a cancer patient may be prescribed THC in liquid or other form, all aspects of use, including whether it may be legal or illegal for the patient to use at home, the patient’s social and living environments, and the patient’s level of self monitoring should be considered. A patient with no family, living alone, may not pose as much risk to society, in terms of the potential illegal sale of prescribed marijuana. This is especially true for a priest who has little mainstream contact with the public on a regular basis. However, if the priest is unable to maintain confidentiality of his marijuana use, those who are aware of the use could potentially engage in illegal/criminal activity, such as theft or assault on the priest, in order to obtain the marijuana.

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