Why are the following important in a hospital’s strategic planning and healthcare delivery?

Why are the following important in a hospital’s strategic planning and healthcare delivery?

-Systems should provide a clear definition of governance roles, responsibilities, and authority among the hospital system and should provide formal and information education for those responsibile for governance.

-Each system should dvelop and implement explicit measures for quality of care, patient satisfaction, and efficiency. They should use their mission and values as a guide in making difficult trade-off decisions.

-Systems should focus on quality rather than the size of the program or system being integrated, as well as focus on quality rather than quantity of physician integration.

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Historically, hospitals have a complex management organization. The hospital’s decisions involve and consider the interest of numerous stakeholders including community, government, insurers, managed care organization and accreditation organizations (Shi & Sing, 2001). The hospital governance may also be at odds as each of the three segments may have different motivations that drive their decisions. The board of trustees or governing body may feel driven by monetary reasons since it monitors performance against plans and budget (Shi & Singh, 2001) and establishes policy guidelines for the overall framework of operations. This maybe not totally fulfill the interest of the medical director that as part of the governance brings the medical staff needs as it relates to patient care. The third part of the governance, the CEO is often responsible of accomplishing the objectives while balancing administration and other interested parties in the organization. Without a definition of each segment role in the system, the administration will have a hard time achieving cost-efficiency and the high standards for quality of care needed to run the hospital according to the organization mission.

The same way that Human Resources (HR) has a……………….

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