where children live by naomi shihab nye analysis 40869

In this poem Nee expresses how children can create their own identity and beauty within their home. It demonstrates how children are careless towards life, giving them the capability to overcome any circumstance, allowing them to adapt to change. She contrasts children to adults and their lack of simplicity, stating that ‘To be a child again one would need to shed details” adding to the idea that children are carefree and untroubled. With this characteristic children are allowed to explore life ND discover who they are in the world.

Through the description of the home Nee depicts children as the true owners of the homes they live in stating that “the house takes on a new face; dignified. ” The poem begins with “Homes where children live exude a pleasant rumpled news, like a bed made by a child, or a yard littered with balloons” these lines explain the playful nature of children, through the use of vivid imagery. Nee is able to construct a scene for the reader to fully experience where children live.

These ere some of my favorite lines because it gave the Sandals 2 poem warmth and comfort making it a more personal experience. Through out the poem Nee does a spectacular job at capturing a whimsical and fairytale like tone throughout the piece as a whole. This tone is achieved through the personification of the objects surrounding the home. Stating that “trees in children’s yards speak in clearer tongues. Ants have more hope. Squirrels dance as well as hide. Once more inferring that children are the owners of the home, and creating n almost Alice in Wonderland like scene. This poem once more emphasizes the commonly shared idea that children bring happiness to their surroundings. The last lines “Even when the children are at school, the yards glow with the leftovers of their affection, the roots of the tiniest grasses curl toward one another like secret smiles,” closes the poem demonstrating that the joy and hope of children is everlasting Eng. Even when they are gone their presence is felt in the homes they come back to.

The ending was very fitting because it shows that even the tiniest of objects in the environment of the children are affected by their energy. One’s purpose in writing this poem is to demonstrate the power of the presence of children. She achieves this by giving the children ownership of the home through the diction used, and creates a fairytale environment to show the imagination and carelessness that children hold.

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