the striking amount of fake online profiles in social media

Fake online profiles are an ongoing issue today. People are creating fake online profiles to pose as another person and in some cases harass another person. In a way, it is a stealing a person’s identity. A number of people are victims to this issue, and I believe those responsible should be charged for creating a fake online profile. The creation of fake profiles has led to computer viruses, cyber-bullying, and even suicide. It’s also taken away people’s identity. There needs to be consequences for creating fake profiles whether it leads to something or not.

The act of creating a fake online profile itself should be against the law. Social networking websites have become extremely popular over time. Currently the most popular social networking website in the world, with over 600 million users, is Facebook. Facebook allows anyone who claims to be 13 or older to join and create their own Facebook page as long as they have an email address. A ‘Captcha’ system was created to limit the amount of spam and to ensure the user is a human. It is an automated system that will randomly pop up on the screen sometimes before posting something to a user’s page. However, spammers have found ways around the system and users are finding a friend’s post sometimes is a link to a virus. Spammers are pretending to be someone they are not and spreading computer viruses.

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