the negative effect of social media such as facebook

The negative effects of Social media such as Facebook

Facebook is a social media that people use to stay connected, see what’s going on in the world, and express their feelings. The government even uses Facebook to stay in contact with its clients, keep them up-to-date with current news, and to keep them aware of what’s going on around them. Not everyone uses Facebook in a good way. Some people use Facebook to seek revenge on others and to embarrass them. I believe Facebook administrators need to address these problems before they get out of hand. Facebook is not what it used to be and some people are using it for the wrong reasons. Perhaps one of the greatest innovations of the past decade is communicating with one another through social media such as Facebook. Today, one can reconnect with someone they haven’t seen in a long time, share pictures, and even caring out a daily relationship online. Yet, harassing other people, invading their privacy, and posting inappropriate pictures are the disadvantages that come with a price from communicating through social media such as Facebook.

First, one of the disadvantages of communicating on Facebook that come with a price is harassment. Normally when some Facebook users’ harasses other Facebook users’ on Facebook, they are humiliating the users’ they are harassing. According to Forbes Magazine, “Facebook is one of the most well-known social media websites that most people get harassed on.” On Facebook, users can go on other users’ walls and post hateful things about them, and not only the users they are harassing is reading the hateful posts, but as well as other Facebook users is reading the hateful posts . A quick poll of students as well as some staff member s was asked: Have they ever been harassed on Facebook? A majority of them said yes to my question. They said they got harassed on Facebook because they shared some valuable information with their close friends and one day their close friends got mad at them; causing them to do harmful things as in harassing them This information has been shocking.

Next, invading other people privacy is another disadvantage of communicating on Facebook that come with a price. Everyday Facebook users’ privacy gets invaded by other users’ using Facebook. Most people privacy always gets invaded by people who they were close to or by people in their family. To prevent this from happening, Facebook should come up with more ways to protect its users’ privacy from getting invaded. According to some local high school students who were surveyed, say that, “they are losing interest in social media such as Facebook because they are afraid that other Facebook users’ will invade their privacy.” Social media would be much safer to social network on if its user’s privacy wouldn’t be invaded.

Facebook user’s privacy often gets invaded just because of the simple fact that Facebook allows other users to view its users’ profiles. Most Facebook users’ privacy gets invaded because they gave one of their close friends their password. For example, as always, some Facebook users’ are always hacking other Facebook users pages to show them love. They are not only showing them love on their pages, but they are also going into their messages and contact list. Another way that Facebook users’ get their privacy invaded is when they create a group on Facebook. When people create a group on Facebook, the people in the group can see everything that group members post. According to Facebook Board of Directors, “they say that Facebook users’ shouldn’t post information on their timeline unless their ok with anyone in the world reading it.”

Last but not least, posting inappropriate pictures is also a disadvantage of communicating on Facebook that come with a price. According to Facebook Website, there were “955 million monthly users at the end of June 2012. Imagine 955 million users’ looking at inappropriate pictures that other users’ posted. Not only the users’ in this country is viewing the inappropriate pictures, but as well as other users’ outside of this country is viewing the inappropriate pictures too. Young adults and teenagers have Facebook accounts as well as older adults and elderly people. This is not a good way to set an example for them by posting inappropriate pictures. They will think it will be a good thing to do stuff like this which in turns it
will not be.

Some Facebook users’ are posting inappropriate pictures at work or viewing them when they shouldn’t be. Jobs are getting stricter when they catch their employees’ doing things like this on the job. The government is enforcing more laws to try to stop Facebook users’ from doing such a thing as in posting inappropriate pictures. Facebook founders say, “There is a time and place for everything. The founders of Facebook is absolutely right. I couldn’t agree more with them. People should be working and not posting and viewing inappropriate pictures on Facebook at work.

Facebook is a great social media website to communicate and to catch up with an old friend, but its users’ has to be extremely careful of how they communicate on the website. Before signing up with Facebook people should always read the terms and conditions. When they read the terms and conditions it simply says that before coming a user, agree not to harm others users, invade their privacy, or post inappropriate pictures. If all Facebook users’ agree to those terms I don’t see why they still do the opposite of what the terms asks them not to do. Social media was created to social network on and to have a good conversation on. The Facebook team is still coming up with ideas to put a stop to all of the negative effects. Some of their ideas should be to deactivate any of its users’ accounts that have any kind of negativity on it, keep its users privacy safe by allowing only its users friends to view their profile, and they should have people monitoring the website 24/7 to make sure all of its users are doing the right thing.

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