the media and girls self esteem

Jane Doe The Media and Girls Self Esteem Many girls have a lot of self esteem issues. Some girls become anorexic, bulimic, or binge eaters. There are organizations and celebrities helping girls that do not feel good about themselves. In reality, the media photo shops and manipulates the model whom they took pictures of. The media focuses more on showing perfect, skinny, flawless looking girls, societies idea of a females body, and by doing so, other girls endure many issues with themselves.

Many girls have a lot of self esteem issues. Thinking that they do not look good enough, girls become who they are not. For example, they drastically change their eating habits, hangout with different people, and even change their personalities. Girls look at themselves in the mirrors and think to themselves, “Why aren’t I beautiful? Those other girls on the magazine look so much better than me! ” When girls feel this way, they automatically look at themselves differently, in a bad way.

They do not appreciate the beauty that they have, but envy another girls’ fake manipulated beauty. Some girls become anorexic, bulimic, or binge eaters. These girls are so insecure with their bodies (even if they have skinny bodies) that they begin to throw up after they eat, not eat at all, or consume a great amount of food, and afterwards they throw it back up. This is a very unhealthy and dangerous method to do when it comes to loosing weight.

Unfortunately, one can become very ill or possibly die from these diseases. These poor girls are willing to take extreme measures just to feel good in how they look, regardless if they are already skinny. There are organizations and celebrities helping and reaching out to the girls that do not feel good about themselves. For example, there is a worldwide organization called, “To Write Love On Her Arms”, which reach out to girls specifically with low self esteem and that also that cut themselves.

An example of a celebrity that reaches out to help these girls is, Demi Lovato. She writes songs saying to stay strong and to feel beautiful no matter what because you are beautiful. Not only do organizations and famous celebrities try to help those with self esteem issues, but also networks like, Tumblr. I have a personal experience where I had self esteem issues, and as I was on Tumblr, I saw regular ordinary people supporting and helping the girls that were going almost the same situation I was going through.

These people would always write things write things like, “Stay strong, lovely”, “You are beautiful”, etc. When I saw this, I felt so much better than I did before. I am finally happy with who I am and what I look like on the outside. Lastly, in reality, the media photo shops and manipulates the model of whom they take pictures of. I came across a magazine article showing how the photography of the models are worked on their flaws to seem flawless. When I read this, this told me that the idea of flawless beauty is only but an illusion.

Sadly, the media shapes and forms the models to how society wants you to look like, which is “perfect”, in where if you are not a certain size, you are not good enough. When girls see these whether it is on a magazine or commercial, they feel like they are not good enough. The media should show models for how they truly look like. The effects of doing this would make the world a better place to live in, and will make feel girls with insecurities around the world equal.

The media specifies that they want girls look nowadays. These specifications are to be skinny, perfect, and flawless. Because of these pressures, girls have a difficult time being comfortable in their own skin. Girls mistreat themselves so that they feel beautiful. Fortunately, there are people and organizations helping and supporting girls with self esteem issues. If the media did not airbrush and manipulate any pictures or commercials, the girls with insecurities will all feel beautiful just the way there are.

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