the importance of economics in multimedia arts

“A social science that studies how individuals, governments, firms and nations make choices on allocating scarce resources to satisfy their unlimited wants” . Economics is also referred to as the dismal science. It is something one needs to learn before heading out to the world of work. It teaches us the Basic things about taxes, the law of supply and demand and other social issues that we should know and understand.

Multimedia is the Integration of animation, audio, Graphics, Text, and full- motion video through computer hardware and software for education, entertainment, or training. It could be for web designing, animation , video editing and graphics. Basically, multimedia is something you see every day, the movies you just saw, the posters tattoo caught glimpse of, those website that you always visit, those are all multimedia and multimedia is somehow like a proof of technology. That technology has come a long way.

Multimedia practitioners must always research their topic. We live in constant changing world and as someone who makes these things, we must know the outside factors first. Posters for products, pricing of labor for websites, knowing the taxes in our wages, these are all something that economics teach. Knowing what people wants, how they think before buying a product, our works include enticing people to buy products, visit websites, attract them to enter a store, watch a movie and a lot more.

Economics is a necessity in multimedia. It is a topic that is needed by multimedia practitioners for their work. Either taking up a Business or joining a company, it is something that must be taken note for because it affects us. Even in buying products, our choosing habits, everything is affected. It is extremely important to multimedia practitioners too, like in graphics.

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