tax weaknesses and moral dimension

This company had very little security controls in place at all. The weakness of having a system that TAX had in place are a hacker can gain unauthorized access by finding weakness in the security protections employed by Web sites and computer systems, often taking advantage of various features of the Internet that make open system that is easy to use another problem is a hacker can install a sniffed which is eavesdropping program that monitors information over the internet so they can find personal information haw they want to.

What tools and technologies could have been used to fix the weaknesses? Here are some of the tools that as owner should be in place, one is Access control it consist of all the policies a company uses to prevent improper access to systems by unauthorized insiders and outsiders. To gain access a user must be authorized and authenticated. Another tool is a firewalls they prevent unauthorized user from accessing private networks.

There are a number of firewall screening technologies, and applications, including static packet filtering, taffeta inspections, Network Address Translations and application proxy filtering they are often used in combination to provide firewall protection. Others are antivirus and antiperspirant software, which are designed to check computer systems and drives for the presence of computer viruses and eliminates the virus from the infected area. Systems such as Aviary, MacAfee, Symantec and BAG. A few others are Unified threat management System. WEEP is another small margin of security if the user activates it, A simple step to thwart hackers is to assign a unique name to your networks SAID and instruct your router not to broadcast it. And using it in conjunction with a VPN technology when accessing internal corporate data. 3. What was the business effect of TX’s data loss on TAX consumers, and banks. With TAX not properly following credit card companies guidelines, which are not holding on to consumers’ info longer then a certain amount of time. TAX has spent over $202 million dollars to deal with data theft and could surpass $1 billion over the years.

The amount that the banks is responsible but probably is just as much, I am not sure of that amount, but when a person has identity theft and is notified that there are charges to their card that do not know about the notify the bank and the bank may or may not reimburse the customer the funds stolen by a hacker. Also a consumer has to monitor all of their finances for over the next ten years not to mention getting all new cards and password. 4. Which moral dimension may be applied in this situation? How? All five of the moral dimensions may be applied in this situation; the morals are Information rights and obligations.

Property rights and obligations, Accountability and control, and Quality of life. These morals are just what are called morals, which are ethical social and just plain old common curtsey. We as people work and strive to be good citizens. Think that the hackers and for that matter all of the people white collar, blue collar, foreign and native who want to steal for their own good no matter what the cost to others are why these morals are in place. There are always people who want get something for nothing we just have to be on our toes at all times.

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