swot analysis ymca london

Strengths(what do we well, what unique resources can you draw on, what do others see as your strengths) • Serves people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. • Strong association file and brand position • No “turn away” policy • Referrals # one source of new member and participants • Included gov’t programs, community programs • Staff satisfaction surveys showed high satisfaction and commitment • New partnerships (community and corporate) • Large facilities with pools • Child Care services fees set at mid point • Offers unique programming for the child care services. Camping and outdoor education good reputation • Property that could be sold to support other facilities • In summer runs bussing network for participants for day camp • Increased offering of day camp services • Partner with teachers/United way for after school program Weaknesses(what could you improve, where do you have fewer resources than others, what are others likely to see as your weakness) • Staff unhappy with wages • Depended on full pay adult fees to subsidize assisted membership and children’s programs • Growth opportunity adults limited Increased competition • Some Y’s required significant capital reinvestment or replacement • BHY location not so good • Increased costs with new specialized programs • Differing program offerings in each facility • Economic and operational inefficiencies in each facility • CEO focused on financial stability and revenue no time to work with each facilities manager • Continued low child care subsidies • Camping facilities required refurbishment • Programming for older youth (camping and outdoor) had not materialized • Day camp programs not universally offered Different business models across program offerings

• Sr. Staff strained • Not enough mangers to deliver growth objective • Lack of direction on how to service a greater number of people. • Not enough focus on strategic direction and community relation Opportunities(what good opportunities are open to you, what trends could you take advantage of, how can you turn your strengths into opportunities) • Partnering with city to develop a community facility (City of Woodstock/London) • Offering of specialized programs targeted to specific groups • Increase in child care subsidies New market in child care services in rural communities and local counties. • Greater consistency and standardization between facilities • Complex regulatory environment for CCS • Property purchase allowed growth of camping and outdoor (older youth) • Consistent programs in day camp Threats (what trends could harm you, what is our competition doing, what threats do your weakness expose you to) • Fitness facilities for adults opening • Low retention rate on membership • Lower child care services requirements Expansion of competitors child care programs • Competitors who offer lower fees to camping and outdoor education • Lose lease contract with Parks Canada • Expansion of day camp providers • 1 criteria examples 2 Market developments? Competitors’ vulnerabilities? Industry or lifestyle trends? Technology development and innovation? Global influences? New markets, vertical, horizontal? Niche target markets? Geographical, export, import? New USP’s? Tactics: eg, surprise, major contracts? Business and product development? Information and research?

Partnerships, agencies, distribution? Volumes, production, economies? Seasonal, weather, fashion influences? 3 criteria examples 4 Disadvantages of proposition? Gaps in capabilities? Lack of competitive strength? Reputation, presence and reach? Financials? Own known vulnerabilities? Timescales, deadlines and pressures? Cashflow, start-up cash-drain? Continuity, supply chain robustness? Effects on core activities, distraction? Reliability of data, plan predictability? Morale, commitment, leadership? Accreditations, etc? Processes and systems, etc?

Management cover, succession? 5 criteria examples 6 Political effects? Legislative effects? Environmental effects? IT developments? Competitor intentions – various? Market demand? New technologies, services, ideas? Vital contracts and partners? Sustaining internal capabilities? Obstacles faced? Insurmountable weaknesses? Loss of key staff? Sustainable financial backing? Economy – home, abroad? Seasonality, weather effects? criteria examples Advantages of proposition? Capabilities? Competitive advantages? USP’s (unique selling points)?

Resources, Assets, People? Experience, knowledge, data? Financial reserves, likely returns? Marketing – reach, distribution, awareness? Innovative aspects? Location and geographical? Price, value, quality? Accreditations, qualifications, certifications? Processes, systems, IT, communications? Cultural, attitudinal, behavioural? Management cover, succession? Philosophy and values? SWOT Analysis Template – YMCA London Ontario ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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