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In phase 2 we were making a Apollo project with new members of group 8 ,called Blink Blink with 5 members in it. In this project we are required to make a research about English cources of Apollo language center. More clearly, we had to assess the Apollo history and its strongest competitiors, determine its market segmentation and weigh pros and cons of its cources. In addition to that, our group had to propose an idea for a new cource by relying on the questionnaire data we made in the previous phase. Therefore, by choosing a segment of target, we made up a cource, which is the main aim of Apollo project.

Before offering an idea for a new cource, the first thing that has to be done is reviewing the Apollo history, its service, rewards, strenghts and weaknes. We searched the information in the in the web service and came straight to the center in order to get information. Besides we searched the data about all other language centers and conclude Apollo’s strongest rivals by estimating and comparing the service they offer ang their reputation.

1. What is range of English course offered by Apollo? How are courses differentiated?




Skills improved

English for young learners


5-12 years

Speaking & Pronunciation



English for teens:

Junior teens

12-15 years


Senior teens

16-19 years

English for adults

General English


Business English

Pronunciation Clinic

Corporate English services

For staff working in organization

Premium cources

listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to test-taking skills in international exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, or interviewing skills, intensive pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar practice

School partnership programme

For student considering studying abroad

IELTS preparation


TOEIC 500+


1. II. What are differences and similarities among products of Apollo and its competitors?

*The similarities:

1. High quality of teaching with modern facilities and native English speakers

2. Well-known on the basis of English center’s reputation

3. A guarantee that after the course, the learner will reach the promised score.

*The differences:

1. The lenghts of a course taken and the price for it

2. Tuition program.

3, How does Apollo price its products? Are there any differences or similarities with its competitor?

Apollo has been one of the very first but meanwhile, one of the biggest English Center in Vietnam as well and a part of its success came from the suitable tuition fee, especially for younger levels.

In general, for beginner’s classes, the price oscillates from 5 million VND to the peak of 8 million and one of Apollo’s rival – Language Link shares the same rate. The reason of this coincidence comes from both center’s main target and scale of each class.

The competition starts at higher level when students demand to take some serious lessons such as ESP or IELTS. At this pitch, different houses separate itself from the others by launching a number of academicals classes which require advanced students along with their thicken wallet

In comparison, Apollo provides a tremendous “Adults Save & Learn program “which craves a frightening entrance permit – 20 million VND at maximum. On the other hand, based on the orientation of the company, Apollo’s essence is not about international English programs and therefore, their fees for IELTS or TOEFL degrees only reach the comb of 8 million VND. Alternatively, ACET has given out a massive price which holding the position of the highest tuition fee for IELTS program among all English centers in Vietnam, 14 million for preparation and more than 15 for official IELTS classes.

4. Times and durations of courses offered by Apollo:

Courses Name

Course Fee

Total Hrs

Course Duration

Kindy (4-6.5 yrs old)



20 weeks

Junior (6.5-10 yrs old)



20 weeks

Teen (11-15 yrs old)



20 weeks

Confident Teen



-8 weeks (3 times/week)

-12 weeks (2 times/week)




-8 weeks (3 times/week)

-12 weeks ( 2 times/week)




-8 weeks (3 times/week)

-12 weeks ( 2 times/week)




10 weeks (3 times/week)

IELTS Preparation Course



-10 weeks (3 times/week)

-15 weeks (2 times/week)

TOEFL iBT Preparation Course



-10 weeks (3 times/week)

-15 weeks (2 times/week)

Cambridge test




ADULT Save & Learn Program


-Max 8 courses in 12 months


-Max 4 courses in 6 months



-Group: 01 person / hour


-Group: 02-04 people / hour


-Group: 05 people+ / hour



-Group: 1 person / hour


-Group: 02-04 people / hour


-Group: 05 people+ / hour


5, What are strengths and weaknesses of Apollo in comparison to its competitors?

1. Strengths:

• Modern School (University, Singapore Public Secondary / American University / Boarding up the UK …)

• experienced native English teacher (from the mainstream English-speaking countries with an experience with teaching Young learner classes) => qualified teachers and with natural pronunciation

• Theme attractive and practical issues associated with modern teaching methods => Learners are more motivated and interested in studying at Apollo =>

• Extensive extra-curricular program, only soft skills program =>

• Small class sizes (10-15, up to 18 students / class) => teacher is able to pay more attention for each student, which therefore improve the quality of teaching=> good reputation

• Classes in accordance with the student’s English proficiency => In a group of students with the same English level is easier to get the needed score for the group as well as for individuals

• Selective Tours, attractive and safe.

• Content updated in accordance with teenagers => teenagers are more interested in issue that are popular among people of their generation, so there will be no need to forcing them to study

• Experience in organizing the years of Apollo and partners => Flawless structure due to years of experience

• Head of the delegation traveling with experienced and dynamic

• Regularly updated information / pictures of the Group for the parents => build an trustful rlationship between Apollo and parents.

• The exchange activities after the program end. =>

1. Weaknesses:

• Reputation of Apollo center in recent years is not good. Since many different information refers to the teaching center is not as good as 3-4 years ago. Because the qualified of teachers also uneven as before.

6, What are the opportunities and threats to Apollo?

1. Opportunity:

+ The demand of learning English for young people (age: 6-18) is getting higher and higher, Apollo provides many courses for youth (E.g. English for young learners, English for junior) which is Apollo’s main target => They have more experience, quality than other English Learning Center for this segment => Parents will let their children study there because they believe that Apollo could offer advanced education for their kids => Goal: Develop better programs and lectures for children

+ Apollo was established in 1994 => Had more advantages => Apollo’s market is enormous, a lot of customers, although they concentrate on primary programs, Apollo contains many types of training: English for adults, IELTS & TOEFL IBT, Corporate English, School Partnership Program, Overseas Study Services=> Meet the requirements of the society and making the grow with no limitation.

1. The society has increasingly developed, the standard of life is becoming higher and higher => Parents do everything possible to provide their children good condition in order to gain life experience as well as knowledge.=> They want their children to join in summer camp, school partnership program, overseas study service, which is included in Apollo’s courses program ï need to develop strongly

+ Link to the schools abroad

1. Threats

+ Many English centers, ACET is example, focus on Academic English, IELTS or TOEFL preparation ï Apollo lose customers in this training

+ The market has a lot of English Centers => High competition => Advantage need to develop and effectively use. Try to improve weakness.

8, Course idea.

According to the assessment in the previous pages, it is obvious that Apollo’s main target is on young learners and many parents prefer to let their beloved children to study English at Apollo center rather than at any other centers. However, Apollo doesn’t pay so much attention to other cources as for children’s education, so in other segments, such as IELTS preparation and English for adults e.t.c., it lack of proffesionalization and therefore Apollo loses the older learners. Therefore, it is needed for Apollo to start seriously suggesting about customers-adults.

Apollo offers almost all the possible kind of courses that are in demand for the society for the current time and the main aim we suppose is that Apollo needs to enhance the quality of teaching of all existing ones. For example, the requirements from teacher has to be more strict and the tuition program has to be modified.

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