social media invasion of privacy

What happen to the days of writing a letter, personal conversing, or talking on the telephone? With the invention of social media these conventional ways of communication has become almost non-existed. I could recall my middle school years of writing love letters to little girls and passing funny notes to others students in the classroom. Technology has made communication less interpersonal and more complex. Love letters would only be known to the girls who read and receive them.

Yes, some of the girls may tell and allow some of their friends to read the letters, but it’s far better for maybe 10 or 20 people to be aware of my personal feelings compared to the millions who could potentially access to It If I were to post It on a Backbone page. How did communication become so less Interpersonal? Technology Is slowly emerging Into critical stages of Invasion and negligence of personal privacy. Web 2. 0 allows people to communicate with each other without speaking one word. The creation of Web 2. Allows social media sites such as Backbone and Twitter possible. “Web 2. 0 allows you to read and write content on web pages. The visitors to Web 2. Pages are the ones responsible for creating the value and content “(Bowels, 2013). We are responsible for the value and content, but who is responsible for the way someone may view a comment which is posted on Backbone or an idea which is tweeted on Twitter. Close friends and family member may laugh at a post which could averted maybe frown upon by a stranger. This intuitive creation of communication (Web 2. ) could be both a blessing and a curse depending on who Is viewing It. These social media sites make me contemplate on the privacy aspect of people’s posts and tweets, With the Increase of technology In social media, I find yeses constantly questioning the safety of everyone’s personal feelings, emotions, and overall being. “An ounce of discretion is worth a ton of privacy settings” (Awl, Wet there are loops holes and ways around these privacy prevention procedures. Someone is unfamiliar with the website may find themselves becoming a victim of privacy invasion.

For example, if I would like to see a profile of someone is not my friend, yet we have a mutual friend, all I would have to do is go through that mutual friend’s friend list and view the profile of unfriendly people of interest. The proper rivalry setting would prevent this from happen, but those who are not aware of these settings may not know unfriendly members of Backbone maybe viewing their page. This includes their posts, photos, and other material which may not be appropriate for unfriendly individuals. The vast moments and increased technology of social media sites may lead to the depletion of personal privacy. Bad behavior on Backbone can have real-world consequences” (Bowels, 2010). Most of these “real- Nor” consequences are a result of invasion of privacy, or the negligence of the user to perform privacy setting precautions. Are you aware that some Social networking Inebriates (SONS) such as Backbone and Twitter trade people’s personal information to marketers for a fee? “It is projected that US marketers will spend over $2 billion on advertise on SONS, while Backbone will receive around $1 billion from advertisers Nor-wide in 2011(marketer, 2010).

SONS sites can also generate revenues by supplying mountains of their subscribers’ personal information to marketers, recruiters, and any interested party. There exists an abuse of subscribers’ disclosed privacy information for purposes they did not approve of” (O’Brien, 2010; FTC Bibb). Ninth the right amount of money, anyone’s privacy could be compromised. I would always wonder why I would receive spam and Junk emails from advertisers Inch I was not even aware existed. My Backbone account provides these advertisers my email address, in exchange for a profit.

After reading this article, I was upset at the providing of my personal information without my acknowledgment. How much does Backbone really value their subscribers to make such a disturbing and unlawful disclosure? I believed a site where someone feels is trustworthy and honorable would be so deceitful and undermining. Backbone and Twitter offering subscriber’s personal information is not the only method of privacy invasion. Hacking and becoming a cyber-predator is also a method of receiving people’s personal information without their knowledge. Two Pew Internet Project surveys show that 73% of online teens and 72% of young adults use social network sites (Element, Purcell, Smith & Zurich, 2010). ” “Popular media and trade press have been voicing the concerns of government and privacy advocacy groups, but they are also creating a myth that teenagers and young adults could care sees about their online privacy (e. G. , O’Brien, 2010; Dobra, 2010). ” “Another Pew Internet Project survey indicates that 71% of social networking users ages 18-29 had Changed the privacy settings on their profile to limit what they share with others online (Madden & Smith, 2010). “One of the first quantitative studies to evaluate puns adults’ online privacy attitudes also concludes that young people ages 18-24 have aspiration for increased privacy like older Americans (Heptagonal, King L’, Throw, 2010). Some allow themselves to become “sitting ducks” waiting for the attack of hackers r cyber-predators . Most SONS requires people to come up with a user name and mistake of coming up with a password which is easily accessible. Most people use their birthday or a nick name as their password.

As stated earlier, personal information such as a birthday could be accessed through a marketer, recruiter, or any person of interest. If I was to portray myself to be a marketer or recruiter, I could easily obtain someone who is subscribed to a particular SONS birthday or other personal information; hereby attaining their password to the SONS page. We as SONS sere should eliminate ourselves from becoming victims of personal information invasion by creating user names and passwords more difficultly to receive by hackers or cyber-predators.

Gaining personal information is not the only aspect of privacy invasion, but many employers tend to invade the privacy of their employees as well. Delaney said, “If a user chooses to post the publicly on Backbone that is his or her choice. Yet there have been many situations where the employers have requested or even required applicants for employment or employees to provide their user name and password to inline social networks to which they belonged. Some situations may also involve employers asking an applicant or employee to log into their Backbone account to allow the employer to search through the account.

Even worse, some employers have refused to hire an applicant or disciplined or discharged employees, based on a refusal to supply the information” (Delaney, 87). I could not phantom someone, nevertheless an employer, viewing everything on my Backbone account. My employer looking at everything from my inbox messages, party photographs, and friends list would be unbearable. It is one thing to Judge me based on my work performance, but to Judge me based on personal items which should be kept private is entirely a different ordeal.

Organizations and employees are so quickly to discharge or penalize employees because of violating a signed confidentiality form, but would violate employees privacy without any penalty, consequences, and at times consent. Why should employees be held to higher standards or have more morals than their employers? There should be equal respect for privacy between the employer and the employee. The lack of personal privacy would be one of the major complaints listed in an organization’s 360-evaluation report.

The invasion of personal privacy by the usage social media may seem minor to some, but those who are affected by it view it as a huge ordeal. Businesses and employers use social media as a device to determine employment or to discharge employees are some who are affected by it. People who have had their Twitter or Backbone page hacked or had been victims of cyber-predators are affected by it. Those who have been sold out by their SONS to marketer, recruiters, or other group of interested for a profit also have been affected by it.

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