schizophrenia website analysis

The human brain is still one of the most mysterious parts of the body even with all of the medical technology that exist today. There is a vast amount that is still to be learned to treat mental illnesses that effect many people.

The illness that has many forms and is one of the hardest to conquer is schizophrenia. The three main types of this disease are catatonic, paranoid, and disorganized. While it is a disease that is treatable, much more can be learned about the disease. The website about schizophrenia that is maintained by MentalHealth.

et is an informative site that deals affectively with the topic. The two columned web page focuses more on information than it does eye appeal. It is similar to many other medical sites that offer viewers much needed information in an organized fashion. The colors displayed on the site range from green to blue green to create a soothing effect for the reader who has come to the site for information.

While there are few graphics and advertisements, it is inviting to someone who is frustrated and needs answers their problems.There are ten basic categories on the site that cover a range of topics. The web site about schizophrenia starts with a basic introduction to the disease that is quite informative and helpful to a person who has recently been diagnosed or had someone close to he/she diagnosed with schizophrenia. The language is basic and easy to understand without a lot of medical jargon.

The next section in The Latest News. The viewer can select from several article that have been published within the last year from reputable sources on the newest innovation about the treatment of schizophrenia.The section Questions and Answers is a little misleading because it allows for an assumption itthat it is a place to ask questions and get answers, but instead there are already many questions that have been submitted and answered at an earlier time. However, there the pre asked and answered questions are quite thorough.

The next three categories, Weblog Entries, Videos, and Links, are short and offer only a few links about the topic. The reason that they are short is because the information that is linked to these categories are reputable and pertinent.Perhaps the weakest category of the web site is the one titled Book Reviews. The reviews are repetitive and even though there are few books about the disease to be reviewed, it would be better to not include the section if they are going to repeat as much.

There is a Community section for those who need to talk to others in the same situation. This is impressive because when any illness strikes another or someone in one’s life, it is helpful to not only talk to a trained professional, but it is just as important to link to others who have actually experienced life with the disease.By doing this, it will reassure, and validate those afflicted. The Resource category is extremely comprehensive and with relevant web links while the Related Topics section could be combined with the previous category.

Over all, this web site was a site that should definitely be recommended to anyone with schizophrenia, who has a person in his/her life with schizophrenia, or just wants more information about the disease. Out of many sites on the web, this one is by far offers the most accurate information.References“Schizophrenia.” MentalHelp.

com.  Retrieved October 10, 2008 from

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