personal and professional development 3

Table of Contents Task 12 1. Abstract2 2. Why Personal and Professional Development Plan is Important2 3. Career Selection3 4. Short term and Long term plan4 6. My Self-Evaluation7 7. Continuous Profession Development Plan (CPD)9 8. My Idol that I Choose10 Task 211 1. Self-Assessment11 2. My Gap-Analysis12 3. Action Plan12 Task 313 1. Personal Development Plan (PPD)13 2. Job Search Techniques14 3. My Cover Letter14 4. My CV17 Task 419 1. Conclusion and Summery19 2. Strategic Development Plan for Next 2 to 3 Year19 Bibliography21 Personal and Professional Development

Task 1 1. Abstract Personal and professional development is the most important concept for the long term career development. It is the process to setup the aim in life. Everyone should develop personal and professional development plan to find out what are the required skill is necessary for the long term development in life. Education is the initial stage of our life to acquire knowledge and skill and professional life is stage where we can implement those knowledge and skill, Professional life is also help us to enhance our existing skill and knowledge.

One should develop the personal and professional development plant at the early stage before the person leave the academic sectors. I, Somrat Akbar currently doing BA Honors and I want to be a human resource manager in my long term career plan. In this report I will describe my future career plan and I will also describe why I choose this career. I will describe what the skills currently I possess. I will use modern tools and techniques, to analyse my skills, values, interest and knowledge. I will also find out the gaps and develop the action plan for further development on that sector.

This report main objective is to develop a personal and professional development plant that will show me a clear path for my future career progression in professional life. 2. Why Personal and Professional Development Plan is Important Kotter argues that “The ability to continue learning is a highly important factor in career success and there are many types of self-development. ” Personal and professional development plan helps individual to show the desired path to achieve long term goals Gardner et al (2007). It is one of the critical questions that are why one should concern about the career planning process.

To answer this question, it helps individual to choose the right career based on his/her skills and personality. It is widely found that, after completing the graduation people choose wrong career path. As for example one person studied in IT sector but end up with working in banking sector. To avoid this kind of trap, personal and professional development plan is very much important. One of the important factors is the global economic downturn. The global economic downturn make the job become more competitive and less secure of the job.

Global economic downturn makes higher educated people to work even in a low position in organization structure. Person should have a personal and professional development as a contingency plan during their bad time of their career Mathis et al (2008). It is not only a plan but also analyse the existing skill and knowledge and prescribe the proper solution to enhance those knowledge and skill. Again all over the world, organization always recruit most talented and skilled people. PPD helps individual to be most talented and skilled among lot of potential employees around the world. . Career Selection I am a business administration student and I like be an HR manager in my future life. I choose this career for following few reasons. According to Ricketts et al (2010) HR is one of the most important roles in a company. HR manager task is mainly to manage employee, motivate them to work more efficiently and effectively and evaluate them for their future career progression. HR manager is a very important role because he/she deals with human resource which is one of the most intangible valuable assets for the company.

Organization success completely depends on the employee performance and human resource manager play an important to enhance those performances. One of the important roles of HR manager is to develop the organizational structure on which organization run successfully. HR manager is one of the integral parts for organization to achieve the long term goals. There are several reasons why I choose HR manager as my career and they are described below: * Each of the organization has employee and to manage the employee organization need a department named as HR department.

All over the world each of the organization has its own HR department, so there is ample of job opportunities around the globe. This will ensure me a secure job for a smooth transition in my career. * HR management role is very challenging job and I am very much passionate about to take very challenging job role. * HR manager has to retain and recruit the talented people. This is very interesting job role in an organization to achieve its long term goal. HR manager plays a significant role for organizational profitability. * HR manager develop the plan of Human Resource.

They conduct the interview, give advice for skill development and manage employee relations. All tasks are very interesting and I like interesting job very much. * HR manager play a significant role for development of organizational policy that is one of the integral part for organization to run very smooth way. * Organizational structure including the salary structure and staff promotion is developed by the HR manager. So it is one of the important roles and I like the role very much. The reason I chose this career for the above factor described. As a person I like to handle challenging job and I like to provide solution.

I would like to work in such department of the organization where I can directly contribute for organizational long term success and can contribute to bring the profitability. That is one of the main reason I choose HR manager as my career. HR manger plays an important role for organizational structure development that is one of the most important parts to achieve organizational goals. So HR manager role is one of the top most important roles within the organization. That is why I want to HR manager in my professional life. 4. Short term and Long term plan

Career planning is very important for each of the individuals. Each and every individual should develop a short term and long term plan (Rothwell 2001) . Short term career planning means to develop a career plan for the next 5 years. Long term career plan means develop a career for more than 5 years. Short Term Plan: In the short term development plan I will start with the self-evaluation process. I will evaluate my personality skills by self-evaluation process. In the self-evaluation process I will conduct self-analysis where I will find what my interest, values, skill and personality is.

One the other side I will conduct an occupational analysis. In this process I will try to find out what qualification is required and what id the occupational trend in the industry. In this stage I also select my goals what I want achieve in the short term and long term. Figure: 1 After that I will analyse the environment that means the industry of the HR sector. In this time I will consider few questions to answer: * Is the field potential field for my career development? * Are there any career progression or growth? * Can I be the potential client? How secure will be my job? * What is my salary? After evaluating that I will find out my gaps that I need to fill up to a very potential client in this sector. I will start searching the jobs locally and multinationals. At the same time I will also do the self-adjustment of myself for the long term career development. In the short term career development plan I will select the industry where I should start working in. Each of the organization has HR department. Different organization has different style of HR practice. I main motivation to start ith the banking industry as this industry is more broader then other industry. Banking industry practice all the HR components, so joining in HR department of banking industry will help me to enhance my existing knowledge and skills. My short term plan will take some training regarding the HR tools and techniques. Again if I can make me financially solvent I will do professional courses to get elaborative knowledge in this sector. In the short term career plan, my main objectives is get a job in HR department, It is not possible to get HR manager role directly as currently I do not have any work experience.

So my short term plan would be to enrol as HR executive or as an intern in any multinational company. After 2 years down the line I will start my MBA and want to finish my MBA specialized in HR sector. Long Term Plan: Long term usually refer to career plan more than 5 years. I want to be an HR manager after 5 years. I want to practice my career as a HR manager next five years once I am promoted as a HR manager. After that I want to be an HR head or director. In this time period I want conceptualized all the HR skills and learn all the tools and techniques during my work tenure.

It is the human tendency that one who work for a long period of time in particular sector he or she feel bored. So I will change the industry that means I need to change my job sector. As for example I want to start with an industry of banking industry and next afterward I want to shift in retail industry. The main motivation to shift from one industry to other industry is that I want to a free lunch HR consultant in the long run that means after 10 years down the line. My long term plan is to learn all the industry HR management skill, tools and techniques.

Different industry has different organizational structure, recruitment, training process, appraisal system, policy development techniques and some other HR factors. I want to learn all the factors for different industry. I will enhance my skill and later on I will move to the consulting sector of HR. Again by changing from one sector to other will motivate me and keep the interest to be in the HR department. Skill Required for My Career: I want to be a successful HR manager, critically evaluate the job roles and responsibilities. After analysing job responsibility and job specification,

I found that following are the skills required for my further career development. * Handle and manage difficult employee. * Good relationship skill. * Develop and consistent positive attitude * Good verbal and communicational skill * Efficient conflict of interest management skill * Good negotiation skill and negotiate with more confidence * Effective learning and listening skill * Stress handing skill * Develop and conduct performance appraisal * Good supervision skill * Good knowledge about HR policy * Efficient and effective implementation skill * Complete understand about the HR rule and laws Good time management skill * Tanning conductive skill and train the trainer skill 6. My Self-Evaluation According to Bernardin et al (1993) Self-Evaluation for Human resource Management is the tools and techniques for the long term skill development. In the self-evaluation process one can easily find out what the skills the individuals have and what are the skills the individual need to acquire more. For self-assessment I use SWOT analysis tools and techniques that are described below. Figure: 2 Strength: My main strength is to handle difficult people. I know how to deal with difficult people.

I believe that I can effectively supervise the difficult people as a HR manager. I have the positive attitude for any difficult work to be handled more effectively. I can solve critical problem more effectively. I have strong communication skill both written and verbally. I can also handle the conflict management more effectively. I have also good negation skill that one HR manager should have during the salary selection. I am very good at work periodization, that means how to evaluate each of the jobs effectively and which work need to be perform first. Weakness: I have few weaknesses also.

I need to develop my presentation skill that is required for employee training process. I have less customer service skill and I am not too much friendly with people. Again my selling skill is not that much effective. I can handle too much stress. I need develop this skill because in HR management lot of work stress one has to take. I have very little knowledge in conducting performance appraisal. I need to know how the performance appraisal is conducted. I am very poor in networking development with people. As a human manager I need to develop that skill of networking with other people.

I have very less knowledge about HR policy and employee rules and regulations. I need to acquire those knowledge and skill. Last of all I do not have good time management skill. For each of the job need good time management skill, so I need to understand how make the time management to solve critical problems with a time constrain. Opportunities: There are lot of opportunities in HR sector. Each of the organization has HR department. So there is lot of job opportunities all over the world. As HR is the integral part of an organization and no organization cannot run without that.

So that is my biggest opportunity to select the career in HR department. Again I will graduate in business administration and I have some knowledge and skill from my university and with the initial amount of knowledge and skill in HR I can easily apply for jobs in initial entry level jobs. Threats: HR career is one of the most tentative careers for student, who is studying in business administration. HR job has a huge demand all over the world. So this my biggest treat. As there is lot of talented people in market this job sector is quite competitive.

I need to acquire all HR skills and need to become more competitive in this regard. 7. Continuous Profession Development Plan (CPD) Continuous professional development plan is the process and techniques that enables us to continuously develop our skills and knowledge. CPD helps individual to develop credibility and confidence. CPS also help to develop the own self-appraisal system. CPD also fix out any gaps in the career goal setting objectives. CPD makes individual more productive and efficient. I want to be a successful HR manager in the long run.

In this regard I develop my CPD accordingly. Below is the cycle I will follow for my continual professional development plan. Figure: 3 In this process I will first review my appraisal of myself. The appraisal can come from the self-assessment techniques and sometime from the company evaluation process. After analysing I will find out what are the places and areas I need to develop more skills. Following that I will develop a proper plan with an effective action plan to acquire all the skills that is required to achieve. I will also implement the necessary action for my development.

I will also develop a personal development record and also find out the factors of what are my achievements. I will also list down what my competence is gained after taking all the effective actions. 8. My Idol that I Choose My idol name in HR manager is Susan M. Heathfield. She is not only a HR manager but she is also HR expert. She is also a famous HR consultant. She is a well know writer, trainer and speaker. Susan started her career in HR in 1987 and after that she establishes her own consulting firm. She give consultation more than 100 clients and she conducted more than 2,000 training session.

Task 2 1. Self-Assessment Self-Assessment is the techniques that are widely used in professional sector. As a part of job requirement employer ask to do the self-assessment to find out what are lacking of the individuals. It is the techniques that are widely used for the long term career progression. By using this technique one can easily find out what are the gap exists for the professional development. In the self-assessment techniques, one should closely judge the personality, values and skills. Personality: Personality is the combination of emotion, behaviour and attitude.

After doing the self-assessment I find out that I am very emotional person that means I judge thing sometime with emotion. In the HR department lot of day to day interaction takes place. So the person who will work in HR department should not be emotional and must take all the decision with more practical way. I should not judge with emotion. On the other hand I am very amiable person. I am very good listener, not too much excited, responsible, good team player and also a good leader. Again I am very honest person and hard working person. If any work is assigned to me, I feel that this is my own task and perform the task accordingly.

I never tell lie, which is one of the biggest strong point in my personality. I like to work under pressure. I also like to influence and motivate other people to work in more efficient and effective way. Interest: I am very much interested to work in environment where I can express my own skill and knowledge. I do not like other to monitor me too much. So I am a self-driven person. I am very much interested to read books, article and magazine to acquire more knowledge and skills. I am very much interested to help others and work with others.

I am interested to work in a secure environment. Values: My main values I do not harm people, rather help people in their difficult time. I believe that honestly is the best policy. I never tell lie to others. I am very flexible personality, so I do not belief the hard and fast rule of anything. As I am honest, so I am reliable person. Skills: I am a very good team worker and I can motivate to work more effective way. My decision making process is very prompt and effective. I understand any problem very effectively and develop the solution of the plan more effectively.

In the critical time I can work alone and control my stress. I am very creative to provide any particular solution. I have very good communication skills in both orally and verbally. 2. My Gap-Analysis After conducting my self-assessment I find some gaps in my personality, skills, values and interest. Based on the gaps I develop a proper action plan to improve those areas. I find that I have very little public contact that means I do not have networking skill. Again I also found that I am not very competitive person. I need develop that skill.

On the other hand I found that I solve problem with my existing knowledge and some time I create barrier in my own side. Some I lose my self-confidence. In the critical time I do not believe other to assign certain task and I want to perform all tasks by myself. I do not like too much supervision and sometime I want to work in my own, that means I want to be more independent. Sometime I want more flexibility but which is not possible in certain stage. 3. Action Plan I need to take certain action plan to remove all the gaps that are discovered from the self-assessment tools and techniques.

I need to improve the public contact development skills that means the networking skills, I need to meet with more professional people and need to start using the all the social networking method such as LinkedIn, facebook, twitter and other internet social networking medium. I need start reading more books and scholarly article during the problem solving situation. I need some other contact sources for more creative and effective solution. I need to contact with superior problem for better solution development. I need to be more self-confident.

I need to accept supervision and need understand the factor that the mentors are more experienced than me. I need to understand the fact that each of the organization run on the organization policy and the organization policy cannot be flexible and it is same for everyone. No one can deny it. I should accept the factors of organizational rigidity of the policy. Task 3 1. Personal Development Plan (PPD) Personal development plan is process through one should assess the own learning skill, own performance and make proper steps for the personal and career development.

In the PPD one should think the following aspect for the long term career development. I want to be HR manager in the long run I need to develop certain skills and knowledge that are necessary for long term development of my career. I should have certain basic skills such as communication skills, decision making skill, leadership skill, prioritizing skill, motivational skill, valuing other people, analysis skill, delegating skill and reporting skill. After achieving those skills, I need make the proper plan for my future career succession plan. I personal development plan divided in to two stages such as short term and long term.

In the short term I will achieve those skills that are basic for me to enter in to the industry. Due to globalization process all employers looking for most talented skilled people. To full fill those needs I must need to achieve those skills and techniques. In the HR department one should have the skill of interpersonal skills, negotiation and diplomatic skills, work in own initiatives, work under pressure, budgeting skill, job responsibility and job specification development skills, basic knowledge of the employment rules and regulation and IT skills.

In the short term personal development plan I will acquire all the skills to get entry in the industry. In the long term I need acquire some advanced skills and techniques, such as effective way to solve a particular HR problem, conducting interview, outstanding negotiation skill, organizational structure development skills, employee salary structure development skills, develop retail and recruitment policy and advanced budgeting skills. I am planning to acquire all the skills in the long term. 2. Job Search Techniques To select my job I will follow following Job search techniques. Before completion my graduation I will start search job and start applying in HR department. * I will attend to different career fair and start drop my CV and cover letter there. * I will make good relation with alumni relation officer of the university and career development department. * I will select which industry sector I want to work into based on that I will start looking for entry level job or internship. 3. My Cover Letter Somrat Akber College point,flat 96 Wolffe garden, London, E15 4JN Mobile: 07531947663 Email: [email protected] com 18th of January, 2012 Dear Sir,

I am Somrat Akbar, at the current stage I am accomplishing my degree BA. I am very honest and hardworking person. I am very interested to work in a HR department. I am writing this application for the internship position of your organization. I am attaching my CV for your kind consideration. I have work experience as a assistant manager of city hotel in Bangladesh for two years. During my work tenure I have gained corporate knowledge and skills. I believe and hope that my educational knowledge and work experience can make some contribution to bring the bottom line result for your organization.

I am very hardworking and honest individual and I therefore hope that you will consider my application for the internship position in your organization in HR department. Sincerely, Somrat Akber 4. My CV Mohammad shomrat akber College point,flat 96 Wolffe garden, London, E15 4JN Mobile: 07531947663 Email: [email protected] com DOB: 01/10/1987 Profile Keen, hard working and reliable person, I am a good timekeeper and enjoy meeting people. I get well with people and can work either on my own or as a part of team.

I can adapt any situation and would like to use my skills to contribute positively to any work situation. i have good knowledge about HR sector. My dream is to be work as a HR manager for any multinational company. as it is related with my Background. ————————————————- EDUCATION 2011-2012 (current) Bachelor in Business administration, London school of Business & Finance, UK Module include: Decision Making For Business, Contemporary Retail Marketing, Professional Development, Marketing Service And Strategic Management Etc. 009 – 2011 HND in Business management, St. patricks College London, UNITED KINGDOM Dual Major – marketing and HR Modules Include – Reaches project, economy, Decision making for business, project management, Business Law, MFRD, HR etc. 2004 – 2006 HIGHER SECONDARY CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION (H. S. C. ), Comilla Victoria College, BANGLADESH Group – Business Result – 4. 50 2001 – 2003 SECONDARY SCHOOL CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION (S. S. C. ), Bagmara high school, BANGLADESH Group – Business Result – 4. 00 ————————————————- WORK EXPERIENCE

Assistant manager of city hotel in Bangladesh (2006-2008) Mutijil 14/3 Duties & Responsibilities: Leading the team members, train them, Serving customers, maintaining stock level, checking work activity and write-down daily base Transaction etc. and I have also got an experience in HR department of city hotel. Team member of pizza hut(2010-2012) Canary wharf branch London E14 0AE. Duties & responsibilities: as a team member my activities is work together as a group, serve the customers, operate the tile, nice greeting with customer and keep neat & clean job area etc ———————————————— EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITY * Worked as a Rover scouts at Victoria college (2007-2009) * Active Member of comilla Victoria college Sports Club. * Active member of Bagmara social club ,Comilla ,Bangladesh. ————————————————- OTHER SKILL * IT knowledge in (Excel, PowerPoint, Word), and excellent internet research skills etc *Language skills – English, Hindi and Bengali *As i love to listening music i am also good singer as well. ————————————————-

REFERENCE Available Based on Request Task 4 1. Conclusion and Summery Personal and professional development is very important for the individual to be successful in the long run. It is the process through which person can make the self-assessment and find out the gaps they have currently in the skills and knowledge. It also help individual to develop long term and short term plan. PPD is the process that help individual to set up the aim in life in the career. This is very important as the individual can act according to attain the career goals and objectives.

Self-assessment tools and techniques helped me to find out what are basic and advanced skilled is required for me to get successful career succession in HR area. I also find out the gaps in my skills and knowledge. I also develop the proper action plans to fill up those gaps. In the personal professional development process I also develop my short term and long term development plan. Based on the plan I can process forward and it the map to reach my career destination. In the short term plan of my career I want to be HR manager and in the long run I want to be a management consultant. 2. Strategic Development Plan for Next 2 to 3 Year

Strategic development plan is very much necessary for individual for the long term career progression. I will take few steps to develop my 2 to 3 years plan. Below are the steps that are described very briefly. I will find out the scope of my job in different industry sector in HR and I will also try to find out what are the opportunities are there and after that I will select the best industry to apply there. In this regard I will also select the factor where I want to work in local companies or multinational companies. In second step I will develop my mission and vision for my long term career development progression plan.

I will develop my motivation in this stage. Once I develop my mission and vision, I will start acquire basic and advanced knowledge and skills to be a successful HR manager. In the next step I will develop my strategic plan based on my scope, mission and vision. My strategic plan will be to enter into the industry as an intern and after that to proceed for HR consultant. I plant to start my career as HR executive or intern. After 2 years down the line I will try to achieve an MBS degree and acquire all the critical skills to be a successful HR manager. After 5-7 years down the lines want to be an HR consultant.

During the time period from 1-7 years I will change my job from industry to industry but I want to work only one department that is HR department. My ultimate plan is to develop a HR management consulting firm where HR solutions will be provided and side by side HR training also be provided. If I am financially solvent I will develop my own consulting firm, if not I will start with partnership method where I will be the lead HR consultant. I will also planning to publish HR book that will be more related with the practical life and lot of practical case studies will be there. Bibliography

Bernardin,H. J. ,and Joyce E. A. Russell,J. A. ,(1993) Human resource management: an experiential approach. McGraw-Hill. USA, Gardner,J. N. , Jewler,J. A. and Barefoot,B. O (2007) Step by Step to College and Career Success,Second Edition ,THOMSON WADSWORTH . USA. Ricketts,C. and Ricketts,J. C( 2010) Leadership: Personal Development and Career Success,Third Edition DELMAR CENGAGE Learning ,USA. Rothwell,W. J( 2001) The manager and the change leade. Amrican Socitety for Training and Development, USA. Mathis,R. L. , and Jackson,J. H (2008) Human resource management Cengage Learning, UK

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