nielsen media research

1. Where do you think the problems lie at Nielsen? For example, are they primarily with the company’s strategic goals and plans, tactical goals and plans, or operational goals and plans? With alignment of goals and plans? In this case, Nielsen has problems in all three planing areas strategic , tactical , and operational. Strategic goals – A crucial mistake was made, as Mr. Calhoun prematurely met with his clients, and assured them the delays were not going to happen anymore. By him doing so, he is loosing his credibility, specially by being the new CEO.

Taking into consideration, he is new to the company, the very first thing he should know, is what was promised to his clients, since that happens to be essential to the company’s survival. Then, a new strategic goal must be developed, since the competitors (cable and satellite) are already pursuing in getting into that business. Considering his clients are not happy already, if Nielsen does not come up with a new strategic goal soon, they might have the same tragic future as Blockbuster (did not recognize Netflix as a threat, nor RedBox and they both contributed to Blockbuster’s failure)

Tactical goals – Another area in which he failed was on meeting with the different departments of the organization in order to find out what their deficiencies were. Clearly the company should know the need of all resources the different areas required, in order to be able to deliver the product in a timely manner. i. e. computers and new technology. Operational goals – If proper communication was taking place, management would know that, they would be unable to deliver the product (tv ratings) by the deadline. Consequently they would be able to put in place a contingency plan, In order to fulfill the client’s expectations.

As a result, Nielsen Corporation needs to work on the current goals and fix the issues currently at hand, but they also need to work with their PR department in order to minimize the damage that was probably caused by promising something to the client and not being able to deliver it. 2. Do you think a strategy map would be a good idea for Nielsen? Why or why not? I believe the strategy map might help the Nielsen Corporation. Since the strategy map is a visual representation of the organization’s success. It would basically translate the strategic goal into operational terms.

In this case, since the goals were not reached, the strategy map would be very important because it would help to identify the issues on a specific area. By doing so, Nielsen Corporation might be able to repair its problems effectively and immediately. 3. If you were David Calhoun, what kind of planning processes might you implement right now to fix this problem? If I were Mr. Calhoun, I would meet immediately with the executives of the company, and assess the size of the problem. Once I have full knowledge of all the issues I need to work with, I would consult with the specialists in each area.

Then I would review and update the strategic goal, analyze and create a contingency plan, so the company is not facing this situation again. Finally I would be working closely with the large accounts ensuring client’s satisfaction, in order to regain the their trust in the company. But doing that, I would be ensuring longevity to the company, that is no longer running the risk to become obsolete. Essay Three: Would You? – any we now would consider shooting a video and sharing it on-line. “Now we live in a world where all values are relative, equal, and therefore without authority… t’s not that people value money more but that they value everything else so much less – not that they are more greedy but that they have no other values to keep greed in check. ”[1]

Is that what drove today’s society to expect a reward for reporting an injustice, or a crime, for doing the right thing? We currently live in an individualistic money hungry society. That generically speaking, is more interested in what is in for me than forz the greater good. On the other hand, there are a minority of people who are relentlessly still driven to change the current norm, that are not allowing their integrity to be shaken by today’s standarts. But how much would the environment, safety, fear of retaliation or even social exile affect the decision process of reporting a wrongful act? Could it potentially persuade an individual’s decision to go completely up against everything that he believes to be correct? We have to concur, that whenever our safety and they safety of the people we care about are in jeoperdy, we would pond carefully the inevitable risks we would confront by being truthful to our moral virtues, and reporting a crime or wrongful or turn a blind eye and pretend you did not see anything.

But I would say the environment, peer preasure and safety might play a bigger role on a young citizen, while all of that is still being meld with their values and envtually will become his/her morals. When we think of adults, it is accurate to attest that in the corse of history and even today, people die defending what they believe is correct, so the challenge then becomes, being positive role models to the younger genaration and influence them to become better citizens, right along with us and not allowing society to follow its natual corse.

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