Mr. Con Fused has been an employee at Regional Hospital for the past five years.

Mr. Con Fused has been an employee at Regional Hospital for the past five years. His employment there was recently terminated. The reason for the termination was: Inability to follow instructions. However, Regional has adopted an “at-will” policy. So in reality, no reason has to be given for the termination. Never the less, Mr. Fused was very upset at his termination….so upset, that he went to the media with his story.

1. You work for the human resources department at Regional. The hospital attorney is preparing for a news conference regarding the termination of Mr. Fused. In an effort to help the attorney, you draft justifications for an “at-will” termination of a hospital employee. What are your reasons for supporting this policy? Your job is to convince the public that this is a necessary and useful policy.

2. Now you work for a public advocacy group that has decided to help Mr. Fused. You hold a news conference in response to the hospital’s news conference. What flaws do you find in the hospital’s position? Why is “at-will” wrong for the medical industry? Be sure to read through posts of your fellow students, then select the “hospital” post that interests you the most.

3. Which side is more logical to you, Should the medical industry abide by an “at-will” doctrine? Why / why not? B

Solution Preview

1. The at- will policy is a good policy for both the hospital, as well as the employees, due to the fact that this policy gives the hospital the freedom to decide which employees are most useful in facilitating the achievement of the hospital’s operational goals, and to terminate those individuals that are not considered to be useful in the achievement of these objectives, for whatever reason. This method allows for this process to take place without the undue financial and time loss, that can incur when an employee resists this termination by legal means or otherwise. Although ……

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