most and least favourite character of harry potter

My favorite character in the book has got to be Harry Potter himself because of he is always getting in trouble and is really determined once he gets going on one thing.

He shows this when he is caught in the halls by himself while there is a killer in the school and the students are not supposed to be in the hallways. Even though he is caught he is determined to get to the bottom of who has been doing these horrible attacks so he continues to investigate all of this at the chance of being expelled.

The character I dislike has to be Draco Malfoy because he is very evil and thinks that he runs the school just because of who his dad is. He is constantly bugging Harry and all of the other students who are not in his house.

He shows this when he shows up with the Slytherin quidditch team and he thinks he is god on the team when really the only reason he is on the team is because his dad bought the whole team the best broomsticks, but he is shown up by Harry at the first game.

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