longpest analysis and its impact on human resource

Assignment task | | |Deadline: ……………. 2012 | | | |Assessment Criteria | |You will produce a report based on study , analysis and research you carry out.

The attached marking scheme outlines the criteria| |by which your coursework will be assessed. | | | |The Task | |You are to assume the role of a consultant who has been appointed by your case study company. You have been asked by the | |organisation to perform an external environmental analysis and assess the impact on HR activities.

You are to write a formal | |report, of 2,500 words, covering the following: | | | |Give a very brief outline of the organisation concerned. You may wish to consult location, history and employee makeup | |Perform an external environmental analysis for this organisation evaluating how the external environment impacts upon the | |organisation’s current HR policies and practice. |Outline which future trends in the external environment may have an impact on the organisation and its employees. You need to | |justify your predications and indicate what affect they could have upon the organisation’s future HR policy & practice. | | | |Procedures | |1. Select an organisation of your choice on which to base your research. It may be an organisation known personally to you; one | |that you are interested in working for; or one that is topical etc.

Try to make your research as convenient as possible for | |yourself! | |2. Conduct the relevant research | |3. Write up the report addressing ALL the relevant issues – it should be in report format. | | | Hints and Tips This is a research assignment – clear evidence of having researched the topic and read relevant sources is therefore necessary. Use the University’s library resources as well as external sources of information. Primary research should be conducted wherever possible.

Students who personally carry out research will be rewarded accordingly. You should write the assignment up in report style format with introductions, subsections, conclusions, recommendations etc of 2500 words in length and your report must be word-processed. You must identify ALL your sources of information and reference your material using the Harvard Referencing System. A full bibliography and references section is needed at the end of your report – you will lose marks if you do not reference properly.

Use the assessment mark sheet as a guide to the content and standard of work you should be achieving. Make use of Porter’s generic/ LoNGPEST /etc . Possible sources of information: Course textbooks Lectures & tutorials Statistical data e. g. Government surveys, Social Trends Academic & Practitioner Journals CD Roms Annual reports Policy documents e. g. Trade unions, TUC, political parties, AFRICAN Union, EAC The internet National Newspapers Interviews e. g. with employees, managers, customer

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