le bal a movie analysis

The movie entitled “Le Bal” is about a group of people who loved to dance. Dancing is very important to characters of this story. They met their partner and fell in love to one another. Almost all of the characters have their own partners. The movie’s setting is a bar. This bar is very significant to the characters. The opening scene comes with the opening of the lights in the bar. The owner who seemed to be the waiter opens the lights. One by one, the characters entered and they recognized one another but seemed to be uncomfortable for them to speak. Soon, they start moving and dancing. The flashback appeared when the characters are together for the first time.

The movie has no dialogues – only music and actions of the characters. It is more complicated because the characters need to be extra sensitive to the actions of one another to help the audience understand what they do. Through their actions, the characters established themselves and the audience would be able to know their differences, strengths, and weaknesses.

The year of the movie was during 80’s but when the flashback appears, it went back to the 60’s or 70’s. The transition of the movie is great. The audience might not understand the main conflict and point of the story but through the help of the flashback, each question will be answered clearly. Dialogues are not needed in this story because the characters move in a unique and sensitive way that gives the audience the opportunity to know them thoroughly.


  1. Scola, Ettore. “Le Bal.” 1983

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