importance of multimedia in computing

There several multimedia computer softwares available in the market that offer a wide variety of features to create a multimedia presentation. Two examples are the MS Office Power Point Program and MS Movie Maker that enable the production of audio-visual multimedia presentation with various added features engaging for audiences to watch. To produce a high quality multimedia using a computer, a computer unit requires a powerful microprocessor, large memory and high storage capabilities And with the advent of multimedia, the computer has evolved into a distinctive medium that is uniquely capable of juxtaposing text, images, audio, and video. Multimedia permits an extraordinary flexibility in conveying concepts—through words, pictures, and sounds, as something that can be built or played as well as read or watched. . . .

New genres, such as simulation games, are emerging that challenge the user or player to build some complex creation—a city, species, business, or world—out of some given set of resources, or that put the student into a simulated environment or through a scenario to meet a challenge or learn a skill. The computer thereby turns the passive reader into a participant; it cues the student of a need to do something, but not necessarily what to do. With multimedia the computer draws on more of the senses, and more dimensions of intelligence, enlarging the opportunity to learn for those who have been less able to learn from conventional teaching materials. . . . [S]ome uses of the new media are genuinely inspired, provocative, and engaging, and these examples suggest that that we have opened an important new chapter in the history of the imagination—and of education.”

Computer-assisted programs like Microsoft PowerPoint have allowed classrooms to use graphics and visuals to do presentations in creative ways. Interactive graphics make learning more visually enhanced and can clarify ideas.


People are able to watch movies and listen to audio books with multimedia access on their laptop computers. This allows people to entertain themselves wherever they go Research
Journalists and the general public can stream current news through visual multimedia and sound bytes offered for free right over the Internet. This access offers steady currents of information from all geographic areas of the world.


Multimedia platforms can be used as a communication device that can link to two people from different regions of the world. People are able to talk over the computer through chatting, social networking and through video cameras.


The Internet provides the general public with website hosting and building that lets multimedia enhance an idea. These websites, blogging and social platforms give businesses a way to enhance their progress.

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