– how the patient bill of rights applies to this sitution?

Help is needed in answering the following questions based on the scenario below.

– how the patient bill of rights applies to this sitution?

– would the patient be considered competent to decide?

– what are the primary responsibility of June’s doctors?

– what are the primary responsibilty of the hospital administrators?

– what are the hospital’sl ethical obligations?

– what are the hospital’s legal obligations?

June is a 34 year old divorced woman diagnosed with severs anorexia and is hospitalized. Her doctors feel she may need to be placed on a feeding tube to save her life. June agreed to the feeding tube, but became combative, disoriented and refused to have the feeding tube place. Her mother and father insisted that the tube be inserted despite her refusal to allow it. Her ex-husband wishes to uphold June’s decision. The hospital administrators seek risk management for legal counsel.

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1. The patient bill of rights applies, as the patient has a right to know what treatment options are available to her and what the possible outcomes may be. She also has a right to know of any side effects of treatments. June needs to be told what may happen without the feeding tube and what can be expected with the feeding tube. June also has a right to have her health information kept confidential, with information given only to those she designates as being allowed to have her health information.

2. June was competent to decide what type of care she would receive, until she became disoriented. However, …

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