health care administrators in human resource management

Other task include scheduling, aging sure requirements are met, addressing needs of staff, administrative duties and managing budgets. Well experienced Healthcare administrators may train and mentor new staff (owe). All of these are functions of Human Resource Managers. The best way to prepare for these duties are to study and enroll in a human resource course and have a general manager position prior to having a healthcare manager position. 2. Fortune Magazine Top 100 Companies The three Healthcare organizations I choose were Baptist Health South Florida, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Scripps Health.

After reviewing their besides I choose them out of the Health based organizations of the Fortune Magazine companies. Baptist Health South Florida was ranked 42 on the list. The website I visited was www. Baptismally. Net. The increasing employee population interested me the most. On their website they have a comparison to other hospitals acknowledging their great performance. The HER website also list many reasons why one should join their hospital instead of competitors. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta ranked 49 on the list.

This organization’s website was www. Choc. Org. This website shows that hospital leaders are really engaged in keeping their staff in a happy mood. They often have staff parties and dedicated to wellness and safety of their staff. The website has a break down and videos of each department from real staff. Scripps Health was ranked 56 on the list. This is a healthcare provider organization that completely caters to their employees. Its website is mum. Scripps. Org. They have given out 26. 7 million dollars in employee raises and bonuses in one fiscal year.

Their vision is to create a quality, safe, cost effective way to delivering health care. They sponsor health and medical education within heir community. The HER website has a career chat on Fridays for those who are seeking employment to ask questions. I choose Scripps Health as the best website. It had interactive videos, newsletters and a career chat. The website kept my attention and I was interested to learn more about the organizations. The employee bonuses and incentives are a great driving force to keep people hard at work. 3.

The Career as a Hospital Administrator Becoming a Hospital Administrator would be a career choice of mine. Hospital Administrators hold the great responsibility of directing the hospital ND can hold a position as an administrator over one department or several departments. This is a very prominent profession within the health community. Other duties include: managing physicians and other administrators, maintaining community relations, budgeting, customer satisfaction, etc. (Degree) The History of Hospital Administration began in the early 1 ass’s during the growth and expansion of hospital’s era.

The first Hospital Administrator’s main focus was to finance and operate the hospital to leave physicians free to focus on caring for patients. Now Hospital Administrators focus on market watch, organizational structure, profit, medical staffing, competition and unusual emergency situations (Understanding). The education of a Hospital Administrator is a fairly simple plan. One would have to obtain a bachelors degree, usually in business administration, and then further their education by getting their Master’s in Health Administration, Health Care Administration or Public Health (how).

Many colleges/universities offer a Master’s in Health Administration degree, including traditional universities, night and online schools. The number of Hospital Administrators may vary from Hospital to Hospital. The number of administrators can vary depending on the size of the organization. Here in Columbia, Palmetto Health has 10 Hospital Administrators including one Chief Executive Officer, President, several Vice Presidents and a Chief Medical Officer. Many of the administrators have earned a Master’s in Health Administration and one of the administrators is currently enrolled in a AMAH program (Palmetto).

When doing this research, I didn’t see a license required for the state of South Carolina o hold a position as a Hospital Administrator in a regular short stay health care facility. There is a license required for Long Term Health Care Administrators as listed on Sac’s Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation Website. This document is referring to Nursing Homes and Community Residential Homes. The document required one Hospital Administrator to be a member of the board on both Nursing Homes and Community Residential Homes. There are several professional associations that Hospital Administrators could become members of.

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