essay example the french revolution 6

During the French revolution the changes it brought out eventually solved the problem even though there were problems with the revolution itself. The instant effects of some of the revolutionary acts were negative but the overall outcome was generally positive. The French revolution put the French people a great position and provided a thorough example for other countries. One of the main causes of the French revolution was the heavy taxation on the third estate. The third estate was the poor, lower class citizens and they had to pay the highest amount of money to the king.

This angered them. The third estate was also cheated with voting issues. The 1st and 2nd estate teamed up together to ensure that they had the least amount of taxes and the most advantages for them including no taxes and rarely got in trouble by the law. The third estate was negatively affected by this as they turned to them for the expenses the king needed. Which leads to the second cause of the revolution, the king had absolute power and believed they earned their power to rule by god. No matter what the third estate did the king still placed heavy taxes on them.

The only option the third estate had was to rebel against the king and start a revolution. Some of the effects the revolution caused positive and negative outcomes. An example of a positive outcome was the change in government from an absolute monarchy and the nobles/ clergy lost their special privileges. The king was overthrown and was put to death which caused a brand new government. This new government fairly taxed the lower class and the whole estate system was taken out of the government. This overjoyed the French.

Although the taxation problem was axed many new problems broke out. A man named Robberies took over the government and introduced the guillotine, a humanitarian machine. This man killed anybody who opposed the revolution. People were scared to even walk outside because if somebody did something as ridiculous as told an official that you were against the revolution you could be beheaded. The aftermath of the revolution ended up fixing the problems that caused the revolution. The main cause of the revolution was the heavy taxation which was solved when the king was overthrown.

The members of the third estate solved the problem of taxation and were TABLE to be taxed fairly. The revolution also caused the outbreak of the industrial revolution which caused a surplus in goods and a surplus in jobs making the French revolution The French revolution had many causes as well as effects and the positive. Overall outcome was positive. The problems that solved it were solved and the revolution had very positive short and long term effects. The French people created a successful revolution.

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