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Cultural Media Watch A few common assumptions would offer some very general stereotypes which most Americans are probably subjected to each time they tune into their favorite program. The problem with making assumptions based on stereotypes, racism, and bias maybe considered two-fold. Of primary concern should obviously be the narrow-minded and over generalized prejudice which exists in mainstream media culture. Then, of only slightly less distress, would be the willingness of society to accept such demeaning norms. However, within the ‘high definition’ world of television, some prime-time shows are shattering overused typecasting. Although, some are not, also. For instance, one such common immoral stigma would be that only men of European heritage may hold positions of authority; at home and more importantly, in an office. Furthermore, African, Spanish-speaking, and other ethnic Americans will be depicted as second-class citizens. Additionally, women of all races may not hold any high positions of a profession as do their male co-stars. Luckily, most of these false accusations were proven wrong. For this analysis of television diversity, or lack there of, a look at the portrayal of African American men as in their position within a working environment, the dynamics of their family structure, and the overall social implications of such position(s) will be explored. Then, in reflection of the growing population of Spanish speaking people, a look at the near absence may reveal a certain ethnocentric standard of mainstream television. In such culturally dynamic shows as, The Cosby Show and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Afro-American men held such high positions as judges, doctors, and lawyers. Although, these two shows are directly linked to such positive portrayals, that is, almost all characters of the show are Afro-American, they offer an enlightening depiction of ethnic justice. Besides, Euro-American dominated T.V. shows have conquered most major networks since the first picture tube was created. Also seen on these were other non-white characters whom hold an array of savvy jobs and social ranks. As an example, last week, on The Cosby Show, an African-American and a Spanish-American woman sat side by side with a panel of aristocrats while debating about some common social topics, namely women’s liberation. As the show progressed both women seemed to be disregarded through most of the program. However, the show ended when both women eventually became fed-up with the insulting arrogance of their male-counterparts and verbally reprimanded their ignorance and specifically pointed to such behavior as to why women have become so imbued to eradicate their years oppression.

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