essay bono speech analysis how to

Bono uses many rhetorical agents to make the audience feel inspired and interested. Bono uses a very describing language, which makes it possible for the audience to create picture of his work with Larry Summers. Bono uses a metaphor for how devastating it has been working with Summers ‘The religious right started acting like student protesters. And finally, after a floor fight in the House of Representatives, we got the money – four three five million. ” The fact that he needs 20,000 people screaming his name in order to have a good day seems surrealistic for everyone else.

The reason why he talks condescendingly about being a musician is to catch the audience attention. If he just walked in, and started his speech by saying that he is a cool rockiest, who wants to help the third world, then the speech wouldn’t reach out to the audience because people would simply think, that he’s just another idol that has to brag and show that he is rich enough to give away a fortune. Bono creates the picture, that he actually used time on his reject, and this wasn’t just a little part of his fortune he threw away to brag.

After the introduction of himself, he talks about the world’s problems. Bono uses a grassroots movement as an example for what people should do. This grassroots movement had ensured money for poor countries. One of the countries he mentions is Monogamous, which was able to lower debt payments by 42 percent, which means that Monogamous now can allow the health spending to increase by $14 million, which is a big deal in Monogamous. By using examples like this he tries to convince the students to elf the world. I think I’ve come here to ask you for your help. This is a big problem. We need some smart people working on it. ” At this point he uses Logos, using numbers to prove that the money, which has already been given to Monogamous, has helped a lot. Later on he explains with Pathos; he tells a story about a doctor in Monogamous, who, thanks to the fundraisers, got money enough to buy two bicycles and employ two nurses, which means that the nurse now can help more people faster. “Isn’t ‘Love thy neighbor in the global village so inconvenient?

GOD writes us these lines but we have to sing them. ” This part also shows Pathos. He says that all is becoming too materialistic and narcissistic and that the students have to start following their hearts and use their smart heads. At the end of his speech he talks about when he was a kid in Dublin and how he was watching America with admiration, watching them sending a man to the moon, and thinking that they could do everything over there. And then he asks the audience if this is still true. “And if it isn’t, you of all people can make it true again”.

I think that the Americans are very proud of their country and many people talk about ‘the American dream’, and now Bono is saying to them that it might no longer be the land of possibilities. This, if nothing else, has reached the audience, it could be the part where the audience is convinced that they can make a difference, and that they still are the country where nothing is impossible. Found it hard commentating on how Bono reaches his audience, without seeing the speech in living pictures. Therefore those, to see the speech on Youth.

After I have seen the speech, I don’t think the speech reaches the audience as well as Bono intended to. In the start of the text he makes many jokes, but the response of the audience is only a few handclasp and laughter, probably not as loud as he might have wanted it. Later on, when he talks about the world’s problems, he feels a bit distance. But still think that it is a well written speech, and hope that it has reached some people, if not those at the Harvard university, then at least some of all the people watching the television that given day.

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