essay an analysis of nelson mandelas speech

Explanation of Context of Speech: Nelson Mandela spoke his “l am prepared to die” speech, when he was sentenced in the Rivonia Trial. Mandela was charged for opposing the White Government of South Africa, charges of sabotage, high treason, and threats to overthrow the South African Government. The purpose of the speech was to stand up for the rights of the Black Africans in South Africa. Nelson Mandela had intended for his speech to appeal to an international audience, o inspire international support for the ANC (African National Congress) Cause.

Key Themes of Speech: Mandela wrote this speech to stand up for the rights of the Black South Africans, as they could not vote in the referendum in 1960. Mandela explores the idea of racism, in his speech when he stands up for the majority of the Africans, the Black South Africans, due to racism from the White South African population and White South African Government. He also captures the suffering of the Black South Africans, and how they were being harassed, and reated inferior, to the White South Africans.

Nelson also explores the freedom of the White South Africans, and compares it to the incarceration of the Black South Africans. Analysis of Speech: On April 20th, 1964, Nelson Mandela was taken for court and trialed for numerous accounts of sabotage, high treason, and threats to overthrow the government. Mandela’s main theme was the racism of the White South Africans to the Black South Africans, and to stand up for the freedom and the rights for the majority of the population of the South Africans.

Mandela states that “l have fought against white domination and I have fought against black domination”, when he said this, he wanted to show that he wasn’t just against the White South Africans, but he was also focused on the Black South Africans. Nelson fought for the equality throughout the whole community, both Black and White South Africans. The main purpose he wrote the speech, was to help the community of South Africa unite, and have equal opportunity, education and political rights.

Mandela also proves that he wanted to edicate his life to unite the South Africans together, when he says “During my lifetime I have dedicated myself to this struggle of the African people. ” This also proves the courage and bravery, which Nelson Mandela had, when he was trialed. Mandela closes his speech with the words, ‘But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die. ” This proves that Mandela was dedicated to bring all the South Africans, and he would die for it. Evaluation of Speech: Nelson Mandela’s “l am prepared to die” Speech, was recognized all over the world.

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