environmental analysis of sheraton hotel kampala

ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS OF SHERATON KAMPALA HOTEL BY ISLAM NURDIN VU1209-0103 NOVEMBER 2012 TABLE OF CONTENT 1. 0 BACKGROUND 2. 0 INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT 2. 1 Men 2. 2 Market 2. 3 Materials 2. 4 Machinery 2. 5 Money 3. 0 EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT 3. 1 MICRO ENVIRONMENT 3. 1. 1 Customers 3. 1. 2 Publics 3. 1. 3 Competitors 3. 1. 4 Suppliers 3. 1. 5 Marketing intermediaries 3. 2 MACRO ENVIRONMENT 3. 2. 1 Political factors 3. 2. 2 Economic factors 3. 2. 3 Social-cultural factors 3. 2. 4 Environmental factors 3. 2. Legal factors 4. 0 Conclusion CHAPTER ONE 1. 0 BACKGROUND Sheraton Hotel Kampala sits on the southwest slopes of Kampala, the Capital City of Uganda. It was built in 1965 as the Apollo Hotel named after the then Prime Minister Apollo Milton Obote. When Obote was overthrown in a military coup by Idd Amin in 1971, the Hotel was renamed Kampala International hotel. Following the overthrow of Idd Amin by Tanzanian Forces and The Uganda National Liberation Army in 1979, the Hotel reverted to Apollo Hotel.

There were other regime changes in the Country in 1985 and 1986. The National Resistance Movement which ascended into power in 1986 liberalized the economy and Middle Eastern investors won the rights to lease the Hotel from the government of Uganda and manage it for the next 25 years starting from 1999. The Investors won a franchise from Sheraton Hotels and Resorts to use the Sheraton name on the establishment. The Hotel then underwent extensive renovations to the present where it’s one of the best Hotels in Uganda (4 Star Hotel). CHAPTER TWO 2. 0 INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT 2. 1 Men The staff at the front desk is friendly and knowledgeable with wonderful hospitality in welcoming customers. Their main aim is to ensure that customers are satisfied with their services and so they have done a good work attracting customers to come stay in the comfortable environment at the Hotel. The top management and its customer care department works together to improve customer care at the Hotel.

This is through providing training services to new employees which has made it possible for a good internal power relationship in Sheraton Kampala Hotel hence strength to the business. 2. 2 Market Highly priced services: the services offered at Sheraton Kampala Hotel are considered overpriced by most people visiting the Hotel especially the local citizens who most of them are poor. Customers not satisfied with the prices at the Hotel always look for other hotels around which are less expensive and offer more services than Sheraton Kampala Hotel which is a weakness to the business.

Highly skilled and competent marketing men: these have ensured that people are aware about Sheraton Kampala Hotel and so they have managed to attract different customers from different parts of the world especially tourists coming to Uganda. This has been made possible with the awareness of the media where advertisements about the Hotel are made which is a strength to the business. Good and experienced management: Sheraton Hotel Kampala has been operating for many years since it was started without any close down, this has made their customers more comfortable with the Hotel making it flourish throughout the years. 2. 3 Materials Restaurants: the Hotel offers three restaurants serving breakfast, weekend brunch, lunch and dinner making their customers and other people from outside sure in finding something tasty to tempt their plates thereby increasing the profits of the Hotel hence strength to the business. Leisure facilities: there is a poolside bar and lounge so guests can sip a refreshing drink by the pool or indoor providing leisure facilities hence increasing the satisfaction of their customers which is a strength to the business.

Business center and conference rooms: Sheraton Hotel Kampala has a 24 hours business center and 11 flexible conference/meeting rooms as well as computer rentals and translation services. This ensures provision of everything needed in making meeting events successful. Beautiful environment: Sheraton Kampala Hotel has beautiful infrastructures with modern services such as the 218 rooms with satellite television services available for customers, arcade/ game rooms as well as the availabity of medical assistance for the customers. 2. 4 Machinery

The rooms in Sheraton Hotel Kampala have newish furniture as well as wired and wireless high speed internet access to their customers throughout their stay in the Hotel. Guest rooms with down confronters and full service spa are the extra touches that make for a comfortable stay at Sheraton Hotel which is strength to the business. Amenities available also include hair salon, free parking, gift shops, newsstands, cellphone/mobile rentals, dry cleaning and air condition in public areas at the Hotel hence strength to the business. ? 2. 5 Money

Preferred meeting facility: this is mostly due to the modern services available in their conference rooms which have attracted the government and other organizations to use Sheraton Kampala Hotel as their meeting point. This has helped the Hotel to be in a strong financial position hence strength. High customer charges: the hotel is too expensive compared to the services available with other Hotels in the area. This has made it loose customers since most people living in the area are poor which reduces the level of expected profits which is a weakness to the business. 3. 0 EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT 3. 1 MICRO ENVIRONMENT 3. 1. 1 Customers

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