entertainment media

There are various forms of visual entertainment media that has shaped American culture and its values. There are such things as watching violent movies, which can influence us in a negative way. Violence on television has been accepted more nowadays, that some of us overlook it, or become immune to it. This does not mean that violence did not exist in the past, but it does mean that we have come to accept it more now, and are less likely to be surprised by it. There are several “novelas” that have aired on Telemundo or are currently showing on Telemundo that have to do with the cartel.

They’re supposed to teach people a lesson, so that they do not follow in these footsteps, but it can backfire and show people techniques. “La Reina del Sur,” or “The Queen of the South,” is supposed to be the girlfriend of a drug trafficker form the Sinaloa cartel. She then becomes a powerful trafficker herself, and it goes from there. Later, they showed another “novela” called “Pablo Escobar: El Patron del Mal,” or “Pablo Escobar, The Boss of Evil. ” He becomes a big drug trafficker in Columbia. Currently, Telemundo is showing one called “El Senor del los Cielos,” or “Lord of the Skies. This one is about a Mexican drug lord who becomes the boss of the Juarez Cartel. The reason all of these examples were listed is because these “novelas” are extremely violent, and yet they become very famous, and people watch as if it were the most normal thing. The social influences of the visual entertainment media can be both positive and negative, however, it seems that there is more negative than positive. It’s not necessarily television at this point, it can be the Internet, for example YouTube, there are different videos posted from a fight at school, to children or even adults being bullied.

These videos become popular even without that intention, just by people watching, it is being tracked as to how many views it has, and then it just keeps getting more popular. In conclusion, visual media influenced social behavior and attitudes when we allowed the Internet, television shows, movies and videos games dictate what we do or not do. It may be very simple to make changes to these habits if we were to spend more time reading, or having conversations with our families, and using less media entertainment.

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