dust over the city analysis

ForPeople inevitably encounter many problematic situations in their lifetime. Someproblems may be more serious than others, but the fact remains that it isalsways their choice as to how they will react and whether or not they willsink or swim. A survivor is aperson who, depite whatever hardships theyencounter, will face their problems head on and will not back down. They alwaysdo whatever humanly possible overcome these obstaclsand supersede eveyonesexcpectations and sometimes even their own. Such people share commoncharacteristics ; steadfest courage, the ability to adapt and adjust and aperservering attitude. Through Jim and Masdeline Dubois the central charactersin Dust Over the City, the author presents such a case as shown through theirmany ordeals and their reactions to them. This is evident in their encounterwith other and Alains patients, their battle with loneliness and the decision tomove to the mining town, adjusting to the new city and accepting the fact withlittle provisions this is where they must live now. In Andre Langevins novelDust Over the City the characters Alain and Madeline are the embodiment of twopeople that are newly wed and the problems that each other face may or may notbe normal. Alain and Madeline were a very unhappy married couple and there weremany things underlying their true feeling about each other. This is proved whenMadeline meets someone. Alain is confronted with this great big beast of a manwho works in a bare and owns the restaurant. The only thing Alain could do tosurvive the marriage and win Madelines live back was to fight back despite theunequal balance and size of strength and the poor odds of winning. When theauthor writes The man was the size of a great black bear against this liitleman. This proves Alain love for Madeline was unconditional and leading togreat advances. Through this incident we can readily see that this man was trulybrave. He stood up, remained calm and the ultimately defeated this enormous manwhere he could have easily chose to give up and he would of most likely beenslaughtered. It was his bravery that allowed him to survive. Also this marriedcouple was being torn apart by the wife Madeline. She had moved with Alain tothis new city and Alain a succesful doctor, may not have the greatest looks or amuscular body but he loves Madeline more than anything in the world. She playsthe unmarried role in front of the city when Alains not around. The authorstates She was dancing throughout the night with every guy at every table,like a single drunk woman would do, not knowing she was married. (183) Alainfelt that all he could do was love her and treat her the best anyone can treatsomeone else that they love. He shows his loyalness to her and gives her theworld and then some. Alain was a man whos marriage was falling apart becauseof his wife who now showed him and proved to him that she was in it for themoney and not for the love. Madeline who showed no care towards the man she hadwalked down the aisle with and moved to this city where neither of them wantedto live but thought that they could live on love. These adventures were alsoable to adjust abd adapt to adverse conditions and situations. When Alain andMadeline had took a trip to the woods one weekend they were presented with verydreary circumstances. Madeline had badly bruised her leg, their plane wasdestroyed and had lost a good portion of their food supply. This is clearlyproven by the quotes, Lets see your legI bet it hurts, but it isntbroken. Only bruised. You will be able to run in a week at least. (196)Further , no fire no food these were blows to strong to bear, (199)but fortunately there was enough equipment here for any real woodsman tomake a living for weeks. (201) Despite these setbacks they were able to liveoff the land, catching fish and squirrels for food proving the Dr. Alain Duboiswas more than a doctor. They finally had started a fire with a magnifying glassand the fire problem had been beaten. These two people were very innovative asaving their marriage by working together. Creativeness with the equipment thathad been found they had and in dealing with their numerous adversities. Theywere able to live off what they had and managed to survive despite limitedsupplies and many hardships. They had to learn how to hunt and fish with justline and hook, showing how they could adapt to the difficult circumstances.

Adaptability is necessary for survival and Alain wont give in to difficultsituations but they will modify themselves to them because he is a fighter andnot a quitter. The couples ability to adjust to a demanding situation iscontinually proven and exemplified through the changes the go through in thenovel. A excellent portrayal of this fact is Alain having to guide a group offour without knowing how to guide. Quote to prove this is I have never beenin one of those boats. What about fishing Oh I know very little aboutthat. (209) Madeline watched closely to other guides for the next few daysand was able to learn the necessities of guiding. The following morning Alaindid everything he had watched ad observed the other guides do. He picked up awooden box from the store, filled his gas tank, checked with his guests to seeif they wanted beer in the boat, then filled a large pail with ice from the fishhut and put in twelve bottles of bee. When his guests arrived he got them seatedand fiddled about until Madeline was ready then followed him out on to the lake.

(183) This shows how Alain was able to learn quickly by observations of othersand still be able to be a very successful guide. Alain and Madeline continuallyshowed a perserving attitude in all the decisions they made and the strugglesthey overcame. They never once gave in or considered it as an option. This isillustrated in their decision to stay in the Barrens and brave the winterbecause it was their last option for survival. The dreadful revelations of norescue and the departure of Jones didnt make them want to give up but theydecided to continue to strive to survive. they knew not to go home (99)The characters show their strong will and perseverance in the quotes, But ifthe Eskimos can live here all year long, then so can we, (100) and, Youare right. If we can get food and clothes and shelter we will be all right. Wecan get all those things if we really try. (101) Alain and Madeline weredealt a very serious blow which could have made others want to give up but theydecided to do whatever they could in order to guarantee their survival. They didfeel, at times, that the situation seemed desperate and hopeless but theyovercame these feelings because they knew it would lead them nowhere. It is notin the their character to throw in the towel because it is in them to fightto the very end. Alain was continually persistent in everything he didwhen a challenger rose he would accept it deovote all his strength to overcomingit. During his journey to Canada he had to overcome great distnces and defeatdto get there. Proff of these trials Then the both stared in horror the canoeemerged in a quiet eddy at the foot of the reapids (245). During the durationof the lengthly trip she struggled to keep up with Alain and Madeline for theywere strong and skilled. They were only able to stay alive with backbreakingdetermination and hard work. But despite his sore muscles he plotted onward forhe knew the importance of his job. It meant staying her in the little city andpusuing his career. remebering the urgenty need for meet at the homecamps. (251) Alain showed great strength of will and character in the ardestjourney. Throughout the entire novel Alain had showed his love towards her andnever let her out of his sight. He truly loved this lady with all his heart anddevotion proving in the novel Dust Over The City. He had fixed his marriage withher and now they both figured out what loved had to do with marriage and itwasnt because he was a doctor or because she was beautiful it was the fourletter word love. Love is the most important thing two people can have to loveand be faithful. Some cuples it takes extra long time but they end up loving oneto the point of which they are inseperable which these to people obtained intheir life. Love is an innense word meaning different things to everyone but tothese two it menat saving their marriage and loving each other to the point ofactually death for one another.

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