due process during trial amp sentencing

Due Process During Trial & Sentencing
This final portfolio will build on your analysis in Milestones One and Two. You should integrate your analysis in both of these milestones into your Final Portfolio (do not simply copy and paste, but rather make sure it is a cohesive document).

Build upon your analysis by critically analyzing the due process rights that are afforded to a defendant during trial and sentencing, including explaining the importance of each of these due process rights, which constitutional amendment guarantees each right, and steps we as criminal justice professionals can take to ensure these rights are upheld.
Analyze how due process might change in “times of crisis?”
Conclude your paper by critically analyzing what can happen if due process rights at any stage are violated. What recourse might a defendant have?

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

7-9 pages in length (not including title or reference pages), double spaced, and include a minimum of six peer-reviewed, scholarly journal articles
Formatted according to APA

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