draft edit social media campaign

I need help with changes to a draft of a social media sports campaign. It is currently a campaign for an event within the WNBL competition, but it needs to just be a general overall campaign for the competition moving forward.
“A professional sporting organisation has struggled for many years to attract an audience, media exposure and consequently, sponsorship. It’s make or break time. The organisation can only survive for a short time without attracting new fans and sponsors. Your team has been asked to prepare a social media campaign that will increase the profile of the sport, encourage greater media exposure and attract sponsorship (Womenâ€s National Basketball League).”
The intention is to have the ‘social media campaign work to effectively increase the profile of womens basketball, through the facilitation of increased media exposure and fan engagement, in turn attracting and generating sponsorship and funding for the sport and its national competition’
What I need from you is to make these changes in the creative brief and so it flows betters, and then change the words of the ‘red text’ so it is not plagiarized, this includes the pitch (in appendix) – so that that is relevant to the WNBL (not mens netball like in the example given to me).

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