Dr. McCauley Video Questions 1. As a doctor, how many lectures about addiction did he receive? __________

Dr. McCauley Video Questions

1. As a doctor, how many lectures about addiction did he receive? __________

2. He was a flight ____________ in the military and had to have surgery to stay fit to fly. He was given a bottle of _________________ and then became addicted.

3. According to Dr. McCauley, “It is never really one big decision to become an addict. It’s a series of _____________ decisions. Little tiny personal boundary violations that add up”.

4. He learned everything about addiction not in medical school, but where? _______________.

5. The “Choice Argument” states that there is a difference between “_________________” and “behaviors”.

6. The “Disease Model”, only 100 years old, states that an ORGAN gets a _______________, and as a result, you see _________________ of the disease.

7. The “Disease Model” __________________ the human life span.

8. A hundred years ago, physicians made the decision that “addiction” is no longer a disease and all research and treatment innovation stopped. But most importantly, all _______________on the part of their addicted patients stopped. “advocacy”

9. What group came in to clean up the mess?

10.What is the first part of the brain Dr. McCauley referred to? This is the part of the brain that determines all the things that we like ourselves for.

11.Drugs exert no primary physiological effect on the Frontal Cortex. T or F

12.Drugs work deeper down in the ________________________ which is the “survival” brain.

13.The basic defect of addiction happens in the midbrain. Something goes wrong at a level of brain processing long before morals, personality, or choice.

14.Dr. McCauley proves that the basic defect happens in the midbrain from a set of experiments that took place 60 years ago on mice.

15.What drug did they inject into the brains of mice? Cocaine

16.The two spots in the midbrain most affected by drugs are the Nucleus _________________ and the ventral Tegmentum.

17.In the section where he talks about a “Line is crossed”, he mentioned that ___ out of 10 people are on the left side.

18.To a non-addict, a drug is just a _________. To an addict, the drug is ______________.

19.In addiction medicine today, it cannot be determined with definitive certainty where the really bad drug abuser on the line is and the not-so-bad drug addict right over the line. In other areas of medicine, it can be determined (i.e. Compound fracture vs. hairline…x-ray will tell; glucose intolerance vs. diabetes…3-hour GI test (blood test))

20.One of the central difficulties in addiction medicine is not being able pick out the really bad abusers and not so bad addict.

21.The cause of addiction according to Dr. McCauley is __________________. “stress”

22.Addiction is a severe stress _______________deep in the midbrain.

23.We all face stress, but we don’t all: face the same _____________ and ______________ of stress.

24.When high levels of stress are experienced, they go to the midbrain and affect the “________________” system. Addiction is a “_________”-induced defect in the brain’s ability to properly perceive pleasure.

25.The brain has a pleasure “______-_______”.

26.A patient is no longer able to derive normal pleasure from those things that have been pleasurable in the past. This is called “pleasure _____________”.

27.The Dopamine surge causes the drug to be _____________ as the new, #1 coping mechanism for all incoming stressors. “

28.Stress = _____________.

29.The choice argument fails because it fails to take into account ______________. The addict cannot choose to not ____________. It measures addiction by the addict’s external ________________. It ignores the ________________ of the patient.

30.The coping skills of _______ relieve cravings and stop relapse to drugs/alcohol.

31.The ____________ _______________ shuts down during

32.Addiction is a dysregulation of the midbrain dopamine (pleasure) system due to unmanaged stress resulting in symptoms of decreased functioning specifically: 1. Loss of ___________; 2. Cravings; 3. _______________drug use despite negative consequences.

33.Once addiction became a disease, addicts became _____________, & patients have ____________…legally defined rights.

Your task is to watch the “Addiction Video” featuring Dr. McCauley. As you watch the video, fill in the blanks on the worksheet (you will eventually need to type in the answers into the word document & then upload the file). Watch the video
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2emgrRoT2c&nohtml5=False (Links to an external site.)

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