do people with schizophrenia lack emotional intelligence part 2

Please use the paper attached and expand on it using additional research.
Key Points:
– Citations from journals, articles and other resources used for research
– The research should be focused on the emotional intelligence of people with schizophrenia and their emotional intelligence
– What is the conclusion? Do people with Schizophrenia lack emotional intelligence?
– Include citations and work cited page
The link below can be used with other research to complete this assignment.
Here are the requirements and feedback from previous question that was posted:
– Use less theory and make the paper more specific towards what you are trying to convey
– Try not to personalize the paper, us research, journals and case studies on the topic
-Answer the question and make it more of an educational commentary to capture the audience and make your thesis clear
-Look for journals about schizophrenia
– MUST BE 10-20 pages
– Must include a PPT presentation that is 10-15 minutes in length (must have strong points and hold audience attention)

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