do an extensive research on nutrition and summarize in 5 bullet point

1.Do an extensive Research on Nutrition and summarize in 5 bullet points.
Use saunders 4th edition
Internet, Library, private book stores. No plagiarism
2. Which of the following foods will the nurse include in the diet plan for a client with hypoparathyroidism?
A) Banana, spinach, sweet potato
B) Bacon,rice, canned tuna
C) Bran,cereal, lime beans, corn
D) Cheese, yogurt, legumes
3. Explain the reason for TPN
4. What information is necessary in order to calculate nutritional requirements for clients receiving total parental nutrition?
5. Summarise these types of diet. Full liquid diet, pureed diet, dysphasia, restricted modified diet and gastric bypass diet.
6) Parental Nutrition:
Give description, indication for use and administration
7) list 5 complications related to tube feeding
No plagiarism.
Write your references
I have attached more details and questions.

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