Diversity | Management homework help

Today companies are paying more and more attention in finding ways to ensure that they have a diverse workforce. No longer does a one hour diversity training session address the issue of building diversity in their company. Companies have moved from only having this one hour training to finding ways to ensure that all their employees feel valued, included and have a voice.
You are a consultant working in the field of Diversity and have been asked by a company to recommended ways to help build a diverse workforce where everyone feels valued and included and feel that their voices are heard. What would you recommend?”
You may consider hiring practices, involvement of senior leadership, partnering with outside organizations such as schools, opportunities for people to share their experiences, use of technology, Diversity training, leadership development opportunities and any other practices or opportunities.
Identify your specific recommendations and indicate how each would help build an inclusive workforce.
Your recommendations should be about 2 typed pages double spaced.

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