discussions 174

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I need answers for 5 Discussion, Each discussion should be in Approximately 350 words . Answer the question below follow APA guidlines . 3 references per reviewed articles.in word document.
Discussion Question1: What are four important tactical tasks for a negotiator in a distributive situation to consider?
Discussion Question2: Understanding the Flow of Negotiations: Stages and Phases
Note:A. The typical steps or flow in a negotiation can be found in the phase models of negotiation:

1. Initiation.

2. Problem solving.

3. Resolution.
Defines these three phases and give a thorough example of each.

Discussion Question3: In a hostage crises, is it ethical for a government to agree to grant a terrorist immunity if he releases the hostages, even though the government has every intention of capturing and prosecuting the terrorist once his hostages are released?
Discussion Question4:Chapter 6 discusses four types of perceptual distortions: stereotyping, halo effects, selective perception, and projection. Define each of these and provide an example
Discussion Question5: Refer to page 309. Commitment: A Cautionary Tale and provide an example of this issue which has happened to you

Note: Each discussion answer should be in separate word document.

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