discussion writing for managers

Review this correspondence (a real situation) and answer these questions:

According to the documentation, how much did Stephen Tvedten owe in fines by April 5, 1998? Even if he were to belatedly comply with the order by the April date, did DEQ given him any way to avoid this bill?
DEQ would not respond to Mr. Tvedten’s phone call, so did his letter of December 19, 1997 have any other purpose than to annoy David Price? (Please read the April 5, 1998 item from The Detroit News carefully before responding.)
How could “debris” on the shore of a STREAM (not a river) cause additional damage in December in Michigan? If the dams are not rebuilt (the neighbors killed both beaver families), and thus are not holding back the stream, what would cause additional flooding on the lower landowner’s property?

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