discussion wk4

A Tale of Two Cities
Initial Posting
Question: Compare New York Cityâ€s risk assessment and preparations for an event like September 11 at the World Trade Center and New Orleans†risk assessment and its preparations for an event like Hurricane Katrina, discuss one major strength AND one major weakness in each cityâ€s preparation for the event it encountered.
Use this book as a reference and the internet to support your discussion:
Title of book: Introduction to Emergency Management (6th Edition) Author of book: George D. Haddow, Jane A. Bullock, Damon P. Coppola Chapter Title: Chapter 2 Natural and Technological Hazards and Risk Assessment Author of Chapter: George D. Haddow, Jane A. Bullock, Damon P. Coppola Year: 2017 Publisher: Elsevier Inc.

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