discussion question segregation amp accommodation

After 1877, white southerners regained control of the South. Using violence and intimidation, they systematically stripped the blacks of many of the rights they should have had. Blacks were disenfranchised despite the 15th Amendment. Jim Crow laws were passed that regulated every aspect of their lives. Lynching and violence became a fact of every day life.
Yet, despite all of this, there was some progress made. Booker T. Washington and his Tuskegee Institute believed that if black people acquired skills in manual labor, they could advance themselves. However, others like W.E.B. Dubois disagreed and believed in intellectual growth to confront racial problems. Other institutions, most especially churches, are still vitally important to the black community today. They gave solace and filled a very important spiritual need.
Answer both questions below. Each response must be a minimum of 200 words. ALL INITIAL RESPONSES MUST BE FOOTNOTED AND EACH QUESTION MUST HAVE TWO (2) SOURCES!
1. Discuss what life was like for black southerners during this time period using the information above as your guideline.
2. Discuss the difference between the ideas of Washington and DuBois. Address specifically their differences in backgrounds and methods.

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