Discussion Question

Industry Life-cycle and Strategies

Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.

To help you identify opportunities to apply course concepts, skills, and strategies to your work environment or personal investing objectives, answer the following questions. Provide explanations as needed.

Consider the life cycle of various industries. Is it important to be familiar with which industries are in a given stage of the industry life cycle?
Consider the commonly used financial statements—income, balance sheet, owners’ equity, and statement of cash flows. Do they report different types of information to the investor?
Consider all of the types of both equity and debt. For example, consider common or preferred stocks and taxable or tax-free bonds. What impact do these differences have on the firm or investor?

Response Guidelines
For this discussion, you are only required to respond to the posts of two other learners. Consider your peer’s answers in relation to the following topics:

The relevance of economic and industry analyses to the investment process.
The use of technical and fundamental analyses in asset selection.
The use of financial statements in company analysis and stock valuation.
The basic types and characteristics of stocks and bonds and how they are valued by investors.

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