Discussion question

Stakeholders can have a powerful
impact on organizational decision-making and strategic planning, making
stakeholder engagement essential. As a leader and manager of an organization,
you will not only be tasked with building relationships and engaging key
stakeholders, but also identifying their role in the strategic planning
process. In this Discussion, you examine stakeholder engagement and the role of
stakeholders in strategic planning.

Post a response to one of the following three prompts:

Suppose you are an organizational leader trying to
develop collaborative support for new strategies. What is the most
critical aspect for you to consider in terms of stakeholder roles (i.e.,
cultural competency, stakeholder engagement, etc.)?Suppose you are working with the stakeholders of an
organization that has a dynamic and complex environment. How might the
role of stakeholders in this environment differ from a more stable
environment? How might this difference impact the structure of the
strategic planning process?Suppose you are an organizational leader trying to
build relationships and stakeholder support virtually. How might virtual
stakeholder relationship building differ from on-ground relationship
building? How might the role of a virtual stakeholder differ from the role
of an on-ground stakeholder?

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