discussion psychology 3

Reactions: Use critical thinking to answer the discussion topics. Please support your posts with your readings. In academia, we need to support our opinion with facts, so make a concerted effort to always include research findings in your discussion posts. You could easily focus on including what you found most surprising, interesting, disturbing, etc. about the results of the research.
Grading: What Iâ€m looking for is 1) reflective and substantive contributions to the post in response to your readings (textbook and/or outside resources) 2) show me that you have read and can apply the psychological concepts we cover during the semester, 3) refer to the literature and your readings in addition to personal experience to support comments***Please use APA formatting in-text and in a reference section for your discussion posts and 4) clarity and grammar/syntax.
Please watch A Place in the Middle – http://aplaceinthemiddle.org/
Based on your readings, how have Western cultural norms influenced the psychology of gender development? Given that many societies around the world have long-established traditions for third, fourth, fifth, or more genders. what theory or theories from your textbook would work best to analyze the development of sex and gender from a non-binary (more than two sexes/two genders) approach? Reflect on your own gender development through childhood and adolescence. What experiences helped shape your gender identity?
Remember to use APA formatting and references to support your ideas. Also, remember to reply to at least one of your peers.

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