discussion post for colonial new england class quot alliances quot

Respond to the following discussion post using the following sources to guide you:
The Times of Their Lives by James Deetz and Patricia Scott Deetz (book)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SJPVpi6FMI&list=PL49025C20230D0D7A (video)
Post should be aboutt 300-400 words, 12 pt Times New Roman double spaced. Cite all sources (outside sources are accepted but not necessary)
Also, attached is a brief reading provided from the professor that might help as well.
At Plymouth, two societies (both of which needed an ally) encountered each other, and despite critical differences, they managed to form a kind of friendship that strengthened both groups. In particular, we learn much from our readings about the nature of Pilgrim society. The authors of The Times of Their Lives are careful to treat the examination of Plymouth as an exercise in busting myths. Discuss the reading and the video with an eye toward this myth-busting approach. What were some of the broad characteristics of the English settlement at Plymouth, and what was the settlementâ€s relationship with the neighboring Wampanoag peoples? How did these two groups find common ground?

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