discussion post anthropology

The following Discussion Prompt is designed to get students to think about and reflect on the concept of Whiteness and where it comes from, together with the language we use to talk about white identity.
In this post all students should provide a specific example from Chapters 5 & 6 in the RACE book to answer the following questions:
1) What do the authors mean when they say “Like all other categories ‘white’ was created by those in power and contested by those who were not” (p. 44)?
2) According to the authors what is wrong with using the term Caucasian? (see p. 59-63)
In 250-300 words answer these questions using specific examples from the chapters. As previously, feel free to focus your discussion on concepts or ideas that you find “muddy” or confusing.
You will also need to post a response to at least two of your classmates posts.

This is the link to the book to read chapters 5&6

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