Discussion Post

Upon graduation, you will be immersed into the exciting, fast- paced, complex and competitive world of professional nursing.
For this WIKI, reflect, then write about one area/aspect of your development as a future BSN that you are most proud of and why. Additionally, write about one area where you know you require additional focus to complete your nursing school preparation and what you plan to do to improve in this area.
Having completed almost one full year of nursing school, I am left wondering where time has gone. It’s only a matter of time until we take the NCLEX and achieve our goals of becoming an RN.
One area/aspect of my development as a future BSN that I am most proud of is critical thinking. The combination of clinical rotations, class lectures, and studying has helped me learn how to piece together information that creates a patient’s clinical picture. Being able to connect the medical diagnosis, diagnostic studies, laboratory results, and assessment findings to create a plan of care for a patient has helped me understand my role as a nurse.
One area that I know i require additional focus to complete my nursing school preparation is taking care of critical care patients. Having my clinical rotations in the ICU this semester, I have come to realize quickly how delicate and precise patient care needs to be in that setting. Patients require frequent assessments and patient care requires a high level of critical thinking. Any change in these patients can indicate a rapid decline and it is important to prevent these situations.

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