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Hi, I need help with discussion board-Initial Post-10 meaningful sentences-
Initial Post: You have studied many theories and you may now be thinking of integrating some of these approaches. If you had to select one theory that you most value and tend to identify with, which theory would it be and why? What is one other theory that you see yourself blending with your primary theory? Be sure to connect your response to something you learned in any chapter read for this course. To clearly illustrate that connection, your response must contain the page number from the textbook in order to earn full credit.
I also need reply (5 meaningful sentences) to the following post: This does not need to be connected to content in the textbook.
POST for reply: Of all the theories we have studies continue to have a strong connection with the person-centered approach. Part of that has to do with Carl Rogers himself. I was able to learn a lot about him in previous theories courses and I find his move from seminary to psychology reflective of the evolution of psychology from philosophy. I appreciate his reliance on the clients expertise of themselves. Rogers goal for therapy is something that I agree with as well. That goals is, ” to assist clients in achieving a greater degree of independence and integration so they can better cope with problems as they identify them” (Corey, 2017 p. 171). I seem to have a draw towards humanistic philosophy. I really believe the in metaphor about the acorn shared on page 170. The final piece that our text hits on that is something that I value about the person-centered approach, are the six conditions Rogers thought were necessary for effective therapy. Those are found on page 173 in our textbook. I agree that these are important to take into consideration as we develop therapeutic relationships with clients.
I also value the postmodern approaches like narrative therapy. I believe that it is connected in many ways to the person-centered approach. I see this especially because of the counselors nonjudgmental stance and allowing the client to share their narrative without diagnosis. I really appreciate how narrative therapy looks at client problems as manufactured in social, cultural, and political contexts (Corey, 2017 p. 382). Developing multicultural competence narrative therapy reminds counselors of these considerations and how a a client’s story is internalized.

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