discussion post 357

Clorox Case Questions:
The goal of the discussion is to strategically examine a company that is increasing its efforts to serve new types of green markets. The company is company is attempting to engage customers in products with better environmental sustainability effects, but has a long way to go on becoming truly green. The discussion goals are to probe the issues in depth. Read the “Growing Green” article as a follow up.

How is the company doing at the time of the case?
How many Clorox brands are there? How many would be considered truly green or sustainable brands –and why? What does this say about the company that it was only recently that they launched their own green brand rather than acquiring one in a buyout?
The case primarily examines those three brands, Brita, Burt’s Bees, & Green Works. For each of the three brands, analyze the following:

Each marketing factor: products, price, promotion, & distribution
The strength of brand management against that of competitive offers (the branding strategy is particularly important in the Green Works brand, so discuss these)
Use the Cambridge data to discuss: how different are the segments that they identify in the charts in the appendix?
List the pros and cons of the Burt’s Bees buyout as a good acquisition?
What products are related to the following terms and why are they important?: in me, on me, around me.
Is the company truly sustainable? Who is Bill Morrisey? What does the Bill Morrisey mean when he compares the company to Unilever and SC Johnson?
Explain how the strategy is to mainstream green brands rather than to see them as niches.

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