discussion post 355

Please select any “TWO” of these above seven (7) considerations and discuss in about 1-2 pages
Mears (2013) states “[a] range of considerations are relevant to determining whether supermaxes constitute effective policy. These include:
(a) definitional problems in discussing supermax incarceration;
(b) five critical dimensions along which evidence for policies is desirable and along which supermaxes fall short, including demonstration of policy need, credible policy theory, high-quality implementation, impact, and benefits that exceed costs and do so more than other policies;
(c) the challenge of assessing causal claims related to supermaxes;
(d) legal and ethical issues;
(e) policy and political challenges confronting states;
(f ) policy options other than supermaxes; and
(g) research gaps that remain to be addressed” (pg. 681).

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