DISCUSSION ONE AND MY COMPANY OF INTEREST IS CATERPILLARConsider the organization requiring outsourcing that you selected for your final project. For your initial post, provide the following:A brief description of the product or service that the organization will be outsourcingA potential region for the outsourcing, given the location of the warehouse location you identified for the final project; this region can be broad (e.g., north, south, east, west)An overview of the factors that would influence your decision to outsource, including potential risks and benefitsA recommendation and justification for single source or dual sourceIn your response posts, provide feedback on your peers’ responses. Provide suggestions for additional factors they may not have considered. Compare and contrast aspects of their findings with your own.DISCUSSION TWORefer to the Module Ten lecture document. If fewer weeks of supply and higher inventory turnover are better, is it possible for a supply chain to achieve zero weeks of supply and infinite inventory turns? Why or why not? Discuss with reasoning.

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