discussion environmental ethics

View one or more of the following Ted Talks videos.

A Simple and Smart Way to Fix Climate Change (16:31) (Links to an external site.)– In this talk, Dan Miller shares his passion and empathy for saving our planet.
Forget Climate Apocalypse. There’s Hope For Our Warming Planet (13:21) (Links to an external site.) – In this talk, journalist Jelmer Mommers discusses the real story behind climate change. The truth is more human and peaceful than fiction, because millions of people are working to end the era of fossil fuels, along with the violence and inequality that have accompanied this era from the beginning.
Paul Gliding: The Earth is Full (16:46) (Links to an external site.) – In this video, Paul Gliding discusses the consumed space by humans living on earth and the resources used. He addresses the devastating consequences in his terrifying yet hopeful talk.
Steve Howard: Let’s Go All-In on Selling Sustainability (13:18) – (Links to an external site.) Steve Howard, the chief sustainability officer at the IKEA, talks about his quest to sell eco-friendly materials and practices to both internal and worldwide customers. In his talk, he lays the challenge for other global giants because sustainability has gone from a nice-to-do to a must-do.
Why Don’t I Care About Climate Change (13:10) (Links to an external site.)– In this talk, teen philanthropist David Saddington explains why people do not care about climate change and provides a new perspective on climate change and why people really should care.
The Reality of Climate Change (16:34) (Links to an external site.)– David Puttnam looks at Climate Change through different lenses, all of which reveal the unsustainable ways in which we are living. Climate Change is real, but throughout history humans have failed to set political and economic concerns aside for our greater good. In this talk, he asks the question, will we ignore the latest warning?

Reflect on the issues discussed in the video(s) you viewed and post a thoughtful discussion addressing the following points:

What is the speaker’s point of view about the topic? Is the speaker biased?
What ethical issues and ethical reasoning are argued?
Do you think that environmental issues have moral and ethical implications? Why or why not?
Do you agree with the speaker’s point of view? Be specific and thorough. Express how and why you agree or disagree and discuss how ethics and values contribute to your opinion. Consider the theoretical concepts discussed in the course. Do not just state your viewpoint, rather provide relevant details to support your findings and/or position.

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