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After reading your textbook and any provided lecture notes for this unit, post your reaction to one of the provided discussion topics below. Be sure to use your own words and reactions, not simply something you copied from some other online source. Be sure to copy the prompt that you are using for your response into your post.
Your initial posting should be at least 200 words (not including the discussion prompt). You must start a thread in response to the prompt before you can read and reply to other students’ threads. In addition, respond to at least two threads from your classmates, including the thread above and below yours. Each of your responses to two of your classmates’ threads must be at least 75 words. If you are the first poster, respond to the thread below yours and one other thread.
1. Because the Islamic Call to Prayer and recitation of the Qu’ran clearly has musical characteristics, why are they not considered “music” or “singing”? How is this attitude reconciled with, or go against the trend to incorporate contemporary music styles and instruments into the worship services of many religious groups?
2. The historian Raymond Scheindlin was quoted as saying that “the Jewish people and the Jewish religion are not at all the same thing, certainly not in modern times.” What implications does this statement have for understanding Jewish culture and Judaism, as well as Jewish music? By extension, what questions and issues does it raise in relation to the identities, cultures, and music of peoples who practice other religious faiths: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, or Buddhism?the book is : music of the people of the world

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